A week of Bento #3 and #4

No pictures!


Oh dear, I get distracted so easily. But I did have lunch. This is how it worked:

On the days I remembered to take a photo, I had a really lame lunch that wasn’t worth photographing,

On the days I packed a cool bento, I forgot to take a photo.

On the plus side, this meant I did remember to takes photos most days.

But never fear, I only managed to pack one bento in the last two week and it looked almost exactly like this one.

Un-photography-worthy lunches included half a can of beef stew, a small can of minestrone soup, the remaining half can of beef stew, and a few rice and curry containers from the freezer.



Honey Bee My Sequin

Honey Bee My Sequin

Sleeveless dress
$95 – topshop.com

Wolford extra long sleeve shirt
$245 – net-a-porter.com

DKNY sparkly jacket
£140 – theoutnet.com

All Saints striped legging
$46 – allsaints.com

H by Hudson buckle boots
$259 – coggles.com

Estée Lauder gold tone jewelry
£320 – harrods.com

John Lewis Women black beret hat
£12 – johnlewis.com

Op shop finds!


My day job just happens to be within lunch-time walking distance of two op-shops, a fabrics store, and a bead store. And I also happen to be on a budget. So this is a very excruciating combination.

However! Budget does allow small trips to op-shops, and this is a collection of lovely fabrics I picked up at one of them on a recent lunch break. I haven’t measured them yet, but the bottom two are enough to make some nice skirts for work. They were also bargains at $1.50 and $2.50 each. The top one, with the pattern, is enough to make a dress and something else! It’s probably a little less of a bargain at $7, but it’s a bargain nonetheless! They look a bit apricot-y in the picture I took with my phone, but they’re actually a romantic dusty rose which I’ve been digging so much on Polyvore recently.

Now you’ve seen them, you’ll no doubt want to see what I do with them: So I better get a wiggle on! 🙂

A new blanket…


I meant to modify a dress pattern and start making it yesterday, but I ended up getting sick and spent the day in bed. Not to worry though, as I did feel like picking up my crochet hook again. I haven’t done any crochet since last winter!

I didn’t feel like making another scarf, and have been wondering what to do with a lovely skein of alpaca wool I bought a few months ago. I also saw this pattern for granny hexagons over on One Loop Short, and I thought that’s just simple enough for a stuffy headachy brain.

The alpaca wool is on the outside ring, in ‘rustic Australian blue gum’ colours. I plan to scatter the blanket with some hexagons that have a sparkly gold thread star in the middle, and others a rustic blue to match the alpaca.

I love stories of where the wool comes from, so here I share mine: The alpaca comes from a small town called Mogo in NSW, where my partner and I went one weekend. The gold threads and white wool was given to me by my partner’s mother, who doesn’t knit anymore, so I’m glad to put these yarns to good use. Finally, the rustic blue yarn comes from trusty ol’ Spotlight, where I bought it with my mother to crochet a 70s style headband for a fancy dress party she was going to. Now they’re going to become a lovely winter blanket!

How long and how big this blanket becomes is a mystery. But I’m sure I will finish it! All I can think while I’m making it is for some reason it reminds me of star anise.

A Week of Bento #2

This week was busy! While I did manage to bring my lunch three out of five days, I only managed to take a picture of the saddest looking one:


I did eat more than that during the day! The contents of the can though didn’t get eaten, it was chilli tuna and I’m still looking forward to it… however it did walk around the office and was returned to me later in the day.

From 1973: Come join us in Canberra

A friend recently shared this delightful booklet about living in the place I call home.

Not only is it great for vintage nostalgia, the pictures are quite amusing — Apparently no well-to-do man was without his sideburns and in Canberra 1973!



Paul Smith cap sleeve dress
£340 – paulsmith.co.uk

Alexander Wang long jacket
£288 – theoutnet.com

Kate Spade sparkle tight
$27 – couture.zappos.com

Rupert Sanderson black mary jane pumps
$365 – rupertsanderson.com

Prada patent handbag
£650 – flannelsfashion.com

A Tea Party at Home

I had much fun entertaining family at home today! Everyone came over for afternoon tea, and we enjoyed home made cookies, lemon bread, and sponge cake topped with berry sauce, strawberries and cream. Such a lovely (and messy) afternoon requires an outfit that will work work, so a lovely apron is required!

A Tea Party at Home

Twenty 8 Twelve printed t shirt
85 – harveynichols.com

39 – coast-stores.com

Salvatore Ferragamo ballet flat
$450 – couture.zappos.com

Alkemie long chain necklace
$330 – ylang23.com

Moss Mills owl necklace
$319 – mytheresa.com

American Apparel hair bow accessory
$14 – americanapparel.net