A new blanket…


I meant to modify a dress pattern and start making it yesterday, but I ended up getting sick and spent the day in bed. Not to worry though, as I did feel like picking up my crochet hook again. I haven’t done any crochet since last winter!

I didn’t feel like making another scarf, and have been wondering what to do with a lovely skein of alpaca wool I bought a few months ago. I also saw this pattern for granny hexagons over on One Loop Short, and I thought that’s just simple enough for a stuffy headachy brain.

The alpaca wool is on the outside ring, in ‘rustic Australian blue gum’ colours. I plan to scatter the blanket with some hexagons that have a sparkly gold thread star in the middle, and others a rustic blue to match the alpaca.

I love stories of where the wool comes from, so here I share mine: The alpaca comes from a small town called Mogo in NSW, where my partner and I went one weekend. The gold threads and white wool was given to me by my partner’s mother, whoΒ doesn’tΒ knit anymore, so I’m glad to put these yarns to good use. Finally, the rustic blue yarn comes from trusty ol’ Spotlight, where I bought it with my mother to crochet a 70s style headband for a fancy dress party she was going to. Now they’re going to become a lovely winter blanket!

How long and how big this blanket becomes is a mystery.Β But I’m sure I will finish it! All I can think while I’m making it is for some reason it reminds me of star anise.


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