Op shop finds!


My day job just happens to be within lunch-time walking distance of two op-shops, a fabrics store, and a bead store. And I also happen to be on a budget. So this is a very excruciating combination.

However! Budget does allow small trips to op-shops, and this is a collection of lovely fabrics I picked up at one of them on a recent lunch break. I haven’t measured them yet, but the bottom two are enough to make some nice skirts for work. They were also bargains at $1.50 and $2.50 each. The top one, with the pattern, is enough to make a dress and something else! It’s probably a little less of a bargain at $7, but it’s a bargain nonetheless! They look a bit apricot-y in the picture I took with my phone, but they’re actually a romantic dusty rose which I’ve been digging so much on Polyvore recently.

Now you’ve seen them, you’ll no doubt want to see what I do with them: So I better get a wiggle on! 🙂


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