Amazing Attributes About August

Night time country drives.
Driving through misty clouds.
Mad cats and tennis balls.
Reminiscing with a loved one.
Chinese tea.
Dancing like you just don’t care.
Helping another woman feel pretty.
Phone calls to my Nana.
Not being thirsty.
Rag rolled curly hair.
BBQ pork with chilli oil, rice and steamed choy sum.
Cherry blossums.
Cool, crisp air.
Frolicking lambs.
Dam cascades.
Hot chocolate and a random country fireworks show.
Dinner with mum.
Feeling inspired.


A Week of Bento #8

Another week, no photos. But lunch was brought 3 out of 5 days, this time two of them bentos! Good news.

However, I have decided to stop these weekly post of bentos, because it’s just not happening for me at the moment!! That and I’m also no good at food photography it seems. Never fear though, I will still post a lunch if it is particularly awesome. 🙂

I often find I get too excited and start too many projects at the same time, so deciding to cull this one is only going to make my other projects better. I’m also better at taking pictures of my projects!

I’ll still eat bento though, because I still love bento!

Happy lunching! 🙂

Sunny Seats for a Sunny Spot

Spring is so close now and the days are getting lovelier and lovelier. I wanted nothing but to sit outside with a cup of tea and a little project these past two mornings, but we have nowhere to sit comfortably unless it’s in bed or in front of the TV, and neither of those spots are in the sun!

So, after uncomfortably enjoying my Sunday morning cup of tea on the floor, I decided enough was enough. We needed some Triangle Pillows (click to get the tutorial!).

Don’t they look as sunny as the afternoon sun! But I’d agree with you if you said they look a bit flat. I’m excited to see them filled with beans, but that must wait till later in the week. Does my little tray set up give you a hint as to what I’ll be doing next weekend? Hehehe 🙂

About the fabric, I bought it a few months ago to try making a doona cover and some pillowcases for our bedroom. But I’ve since gone off this idea in favour of another! As the fabric was cheap, I bought 12m (the last of the roll!) and ended up with two of these Triangle Pillows, and still have enough left over for a silly dress, and possibly a skirt!

My version is a little different from the tutorial posted on Grosgrain Fabulous. My fabric was about 190cm wide, and I didn’t want to try cutting a parallel line to shorten it to the tutorial’s stated 120cm. Aside from that, I always find bean bags are never big enough to get really comfy in, so I wanted mine to be BIG.

And big they are! When I hold the apex it’s taller than me. They even look big piled on the floor. When I showed my Sweetheart, smiled his smile and worked out the math on how many beans we’d need to fill them. Yes. Well. Quite a bit as it turns out!

The other variation I made was adding a zipper. I figure they’ll need to be refilled at some point and this will make that easier. After I added the zip, I stitched on a little cover and stitched over the metal end of the zip so if they ever need to go on a wooden floor, the zipper won’t scratch them. Thinkin’!

I can’t wait to see them filled up. But more importantly, I can’t wait to sit in them in the sun!

Stay inspired 🙂

Crafty Archive: Results from my Beading Binge #2

Here’s some more jewellery goodness from my 2009 Beading Binge! Enjoy 🙂

The first three reflect my simple aesthetic perfectly and I have worn them a lot since making them!

Have a look at my other Beading Binge post here:

Happy creating! 🙂

Beading practice turns into a new Gothic necklace!

After getting excited and inspired by my re-find earlier this week, I thought I’d start a new project from an old magazine tutorial to practice the skills I’ll need to finish my great grandma’s work. What I didn’t expect was that I’d finish it this week as well! So without  further ado:

I love it! I honestly thought I wasn’t going to like it but it has come together wonderfully. I just poked around my bead stash for things that matched the supplies list in the tutorial and that didn’t look too bad together. However, as with my other bits and pieces of jewellery I’ve made, I’m not entirely happy with it because I used some cheap plastic beads. But such is life, most of my bead stash consists of cheap plastic beads at the moment!

I also didn’t have enough of some of the different bead types, so I had to mix and match and arrange a bit to get the combinations right. And alas, one of my old necklaces had to sacrifice two purple beads for this project! I just didn’t have enough in my stash, and in the end one of my favourites I made in 2009 is going to have be re-invented. 😦

I’m also interested to see how the clasp will hold up on a night out: I haven’t used these types of clasps before and none of my store-bought jewellery used them either.

And finally here’s a close up of the fringing:

I love this kind of Gothic styling. I already have the perfect dress for wearing with it, let’s just see when I can find the occasion to wear it!

I learned some good techniques with this necklace, and I’m pretty happy with my first attempt at this kind of beading. I’d love to try this again with better beads, as well as get the nice seed beads that are more uniform in size for a neater look. Making this was so easy! And I thought it was going to be hard, silly poppet. Now I just need to sit down and finalise the design and pattern for what I want to do with my great grandma’s old beads.

Stay inspired! 🙂

Something old becomes something new…

Tonight I’d like to share something a little bit special.

My great grandmother died a few years ago, she was a crafty old woman! I’m sure I’ve gotten my need for crochet and sewing and things from her. I have many happy memories as a child and teenager making or drawing in front of the TV while she knitted and did her thing. This old jar of mustard came from her massive stash of everything crafty.

I’m not sure how long I’ve had this little jar. While I’ve played with seed beads on and off over the years, I never really got into them, usually preferring sparkly crystals and wire. But rediscovering this remenant of my great grandmother’s stash has made want to try them again.

You open the jar and you look inside. Suddenly I remember it’s not just a jar of beads…

For a long time I thought this was a choker necklace she started making but never finished. But now I have a bit more crafting experience behind me, I think she was planning on mending it.

The jar has two of these little rusted flowers – one was on the back clasp which broke off when I handled it gently. However, I noticed in the center front of the necklace there is a little loop, did the other flower hang there?

The split bead came somewhere, maybe near the clasp at the other end?

On the right side (or the left?), there’s two buttonhole style holes and a split, what were they for? Maybe the split is to help it curve, but why isnt there one on the other side? Maybe it was hand made afterall? What were the buttonholes for?

This is where the other flower was. I can guess how this worked 🙂

And finally, the rest of the beads in the jar. Are they left over from when the necklace was first made? Or are they from a fallen-apart feature that hung from the buttonholes? And what of the coloured beads, did they just get mixed up in the jar over time or were the extra white beads actually a flower with a yellow centre and green leaves, and the other colours are just ring-ins?

So much mystery and joy from a little jar. And it’s got my imagination running wild, what did it look like? What was she going to do with it? And how will I remake it?

No doubt I’ll have my head in my notebook with a pen tomorrow, scribbling what it could have been and what it might become.

I’ll tell you someting else too: I’m really enjoying ejecting my thoughts into this blog! There so much running around in here. 😛 Thank you for reading 🙂

Happy creating 🙂

Update 2 September 2011: I showed this to Mum and Nana and they both remember it from my great grandmother’s stash. Nana even thought it might have been one of my great grandmother’s friends and she was mending it for her but never got round to it. At any rate, Nana thinks it’s been waiting for mending for a long, long time as this style was quite fashionable when she was younger. 🙂

A Week of Bento #7

Guess what I acheived this week?! I brought my lunch 4 out of 5 work days!! Yay!! Pat on the back.

However. I didn’t get a picture of a single one, and even three of my lunch were awesomely packed healthy bentos. The other two days were freezer lunches. Oh well. But rather than have another Lunch post with no pictures, here’s a delicious-looking Bento recipe from Not Exactly Bento that we just have to try!

Image source: Not Exactly Bento

Recipe link for Teriyaki Pork with Noodles

Crafty Archive: Results from my Beading Binge #1

A few years ago when I was having one of my urges to learn something new, I went to Spotlight and bought a few ‘cheap’ beading kits. I say ‘cheap’ because while I did spend a bit of money getting the tools and things, I didn’t buy the top of the range stuff because I wasn’t sure if I was going to be any good or even like it!

As it turned out, I made quite a number of things and really loved it! However, because I bought the ‘cheap’ beads and findings, I wasn’t really happy with the quality of my finished pieces and vowed to buy the better quality beads, finding and tools when I had more money.

That hasn’t happened yet, because in the meantime I got distracted by learning how to crochet, sew clothing, do artistic make up, model, draw and generally re-learning how to be constantly inspired!

So, without further ado, here’s the first few of my early pieces:

↑ This one I used the leaves from another necklace I bought for $5 years earlier, but never wore because there was something about it that wasn’t right for me. This, however, is just right and I have worn it a few times!

↑ The flower was from a brooch that was attached to a el cheapo jumper I had bought. The jumper died and the brooch lost its pin, but of course it was too pretty to throw away!

↑ This I gifted to a very special friend who greatly appreciates the Gothic Aesthetic!

I hope these inspire you! 🙂

Happy creating!

Moleskine Beading Collages

This morning I woke up thinking about the inevitability of us moving house again and all the stuff we’d have to pack. I was thinking in particular about all the books and magazines we cart from house to house and never actually read.

So I decided to cut into my magazine stash! My diary has become my inspiration book this year, and as there a a few weeks when I didn’t use it, there are many blank spreads begging to be filled. First up, I tore into my small beading magazine collection and took out the pieces that inspired me:


I certainly have a few themes going on… There is nothing like going back to the old version of cut & paste. I found a very calming and happy experience 🙂

Continuing fascinations with all things Tea

Continuing fascinations with all things Tea

Floral print dress
£93 –

Fat Face knit top
£35 –

Miss Selfridge nylon pantyhose
£8.50 –

Platform shoes
$203 –

BB Dakota chain jewelry
$12 –

VIcenza purple flower hair accessory
£7 –

Beau-tea-ful Surprise Mug in Fox
$25 –