An exercise in Pattern Drafting!

What have I created in the last few weeks?

Nothing too small. I’ve been continuing with the star anise blanket (so it shall be called until I finish it) and it is growing nicely. I am now sure though I will run out of yarn and have to do a border in some complementary colour.

I also redrafted the pattern for the No-Cigar Dress! Basically I looked at the measurements on the packet this time and used my fantabulous drawing skills to enlarge the pattern by two sizes. This proved too much and I have now made myself an ultra-glamorous Potato Sack Dress! Awesome.

However, as you can probably appreciate making a dress too big is a squillion times better than making a dress too small.


And there it is in all its un-hemmed and HTC Camera Phone glory. This is after I took 2.5″ off each side seam! After I did that, it fit quite nicely apart from some unsightly bra-revealing gapes around the underarms and back neckline. The front neckline is also way too high. In this almost-done state, I added two small darts to the back neckline that helps reduce the back gaping but I wasn’t able to work out how to fix the bust gapes in a nice enough way. I found that by lifting it from the shoulders 1.5″ made the whole thing look better, but still gapey. As far as mending this goes, I think I’ll put it aside for now. I’ve learned a lot about patterns now and I want to try the pattern again!

As I was fiddling with it last night I made a list of 10 things I will change on my new, extra large pattern for version 3 of this dress!

And yes, this is from the opshop fabric I thrifted two weeks ago. It’s much closer to its actual colour here, plus you can see the lovely texture better.

I decided that, taking in to consideration my short attention span, it will remain un-hemmed until the bust can be fixed. I actually prefer the length it is now, so it might have to be a very narrow hem. Haha, depending how lazy and rich I become I might get a dressmaker to fix the hem while they correct my bust Bombala.

This is one for the UFO pile!


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