Fascinating Fascinators! Sophistique Noir’s Monthly Theme Post

When I saw Sophistique Noir’s Monthly Theme Post, I knew I just had to share my Fascinator (Capital F required.)!

I made this last year for the Melbourne Cup. I was living in Canberra then and still had to go work, but that’s no excuse not to don fancy head pieces!

Of course I can’t resist adding effects!

The awesome asymmetrical aspect of it all (I freaking love alliteration!) really got me thinking about the symmetry of my own face. I’m not mismatched, but I’m definitely not symmetrical – is anyone really? My left eyebrow is in a constant state of fear should it grow in the proper direction, one side of my smile is thinner than the other and I was lucky enough to be born with the highly desirable Marilyn Monroe mole near my nose. So, if I was symmetrical and in one Universe my hair consisted of black fringing, feathers and and tulle, what would I look like?

I think I would look like a divided personality. Personally, I prefer the one in the middle.

I love Gothic inspired pieces, and part of my learning to sew is so I can expand my Gothic Wardrobe (as well as a build a Tea Party Wardrobe)! You can look forward to more of my dark-inspired creative endeavours here.

Many thanks to Tony Lin for the photography! And thank you  for the opportunity to share 🙂 There are some great entries this month!

(In case those of you in the know were wondering, my horse lost.)

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