French Inspiration, French Knickers and French Parties!


I’m invited to a party by a friend who loves to have dress-up parties. I love my friends! The theme she has chose is French!

So now I’m in the process of deciding what I’ll go as! I suggested to my Sweetheart that he go as the former Primer Minister of France Nicolas Sarkozy, because he caused a scandal by marrying the gorgeous model Carla Bruni (Logic: Nicolas Sarkosy is French, I’m gorgeous (ha!), therefore he should go as Mr Sarkozy.). However he wasn’t keen on the idea of wearing a suit all night. Perhaps he could go as the former Prime Minister on his day off? I will suggest that.

Then, asking what I should wear, and being a boy, he said I should wear French Knickers. Haha, I thought, maybe I should! I found a great free online pattern here and a whole lot more here

But it will be the kind of party where one is expected to wear more than just knickers. So a quick visit to Flickr should get my mind turning!

I amΒ fascinatedΒ by everyday people. Which is why I am considering going as and old French man. But I am tempted by the idea of wearing something pretty, although sadly feel I must rule out anything burlesque for this party – I can imagine a lot of girls will jump at the chance to wear something burlesque-y, but me, hell I’ll wear burlesque whenever I feel like it so it doesn’t feel like a dress-up party outfit for me!

In the meantime I am going to try one of those french knicker patterns with some magenta satin I have in my stash!

Hehe, old French man in magenta french knickers. Β That does sound like something I’d do.


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