Ideas for the Ultimate Travel Wardrobe

Over-inspired, as I sometimes am, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the ultimate travel wardrobe.

In the next few months, Sweetheart and I will do a bit more traveling. So what will I need to keep looking stylish on the road for unspecified periods, with minimum fuss, weight and packing space?

Let’s set 5 days as an average trip duration. You’d have a little too much for a weekend, and not quite enough for a full week, but you would still have enough to wear for a day or two while the hotel takes care of your mid-week wash!

What would I make to pack for our mystery trips that would include business meetings and romantic walks?

  • 4 bottoms
    • 1 knee length skirt
    • 1 below knee skirt
    • 2 pair palazzo pants
  • 5 tops
    • 1 sleeveless
    • 1 capped sleeve
    • 1 3/4 sleeve
    • 1 long sleeve
    • 1 long sleeve button up shirt
  • 2 singlet tops
  • 2 wraps jacket/tops
    • 1 dressy
    • 1 everyday
  • 1 dress to dress up for day or night
  • 1 gym shorts
  • 1 gym top
  • 1 bathing suit
  • 1 pool wrap dress
  • 1 overcoat
  • 3 pairs tights
  • 1 Jersey tube scarf
  • 6 knickers
  • 3 bras (black, beige, sports)
  • 1 half slip
  • 1 full slip

Now I’ve got quite a list! I’d love to make much of it from lightweight jersey so it packs small and light, and doesn’t need ironing.

I’ve attempted a few jersey things, and none of it has helped me get over my fear of knits! I used to have a fear of zips, and that turned out to be quite irrational. So, when I get through my stash projects, travel wardrobe is next!

What would you pack for a mystery trip?


4 thoughts on “Ideas for the Ultimate Travel Wardrobe

  1. C’mon I think you can get more compact than that. You were talking about the ‘Ultimate Travel Wardrobe’. I think planning for 5 days is a good start but then realise that you can mix n match with what you pack (if you choose the right combinations).

    Of course it all depends where you are traveling too… but I feel that it is most rewarding if you can manage to pack light wherever you go!

    Here’s a start, can your ‘Ultimate Wardrobe’ fit into just a carry-on suitcase?

    1. Looking at that list again I think I can get more compact… Maybe 2 bottoms, 3 shirts and 1 dress for 5 days… This idea is in its early stages! I’ve started thinking about the styles I would make some of these items in and the list grew even longer πŸ™‚

      Considering I was wearing an outfit from the list that included the overcoat, I reckon I could fit it in my carry-on sized wheelie bag, if they were in the lightweight jersey fabric. But perhaps I’ll have to make them and see. I like travelling better when I have less bags to carry about.

      I’ve also decided that all my travel items must be made reversible!

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