A week of Bento #5

Another busy week where I was too busy sleepy lazy to get up early and make bento. But I did make one mid-week lunch look a bit special!


Like 3 of the 5 working meals this week, it was some sort of curry and rice and an old cheap tupperware box. The ‘furoshiki’ is a 50c tea towel.

This week has a Bonus Bento!

On Saturday, I was going to be very busy for a few hours, with no time to run out and buy myself some lunch. So it had to be packed! Earlier in the week I had bought myself a new Onigiri Bento set from the junk shop for $3. It was two decent sized rice ball containers, here is one of them below with my half eaten Onigiri:


Remember the lonely can of chilli tuna that didn’t get eaten? Well it has been now. My rice ball contained the chilli tuna wrapped in nori. It was good. But, I was so busy I didn’t get to finish it! I certainly ate all my greens at dinner that night.


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