Self-Stitched-Sept ’11 – I’m in!

I’ve been thinking about Zoe’s Self-Stitched-Sept ’11 challenge all week – battling with my inner Evil’s attempts to come up with a reason of why I shouldn’t do it. Well, inner Evil failed!

And so, I pledge:

I, Morgan Sin of Pins and Patience, sign up as a participant of Self-Stitched-Sept ’11. I endeavour to wear something I made each day for the duration of September 2011.

Aah! Freak out! It’s official, I just committed to something that wasn’t a real-life long term relationship. (Yes things get topsy-turvy in my world.) Eep.

In more detail, what I’d like to do for this challenge is:

  1. Take the things I’ve made for a walk out of my wardrobe.
    While I’ve just started to make my own clothes from patterns, I’ve been making hair pieces, hat type things, scarfs and the odd basic skirt for a while, so I probably have more than a month’s worth, if wearing only one thing a day.
  2. Make 1 new item per week from my stash.
    I get carried away, I think of fantastic ideas then not do them for a long time. In September, I plan to make 1 piece of clothing from a pattern per week, using fabric from my stash.
  3. Document with great photos!I love a good photo shoot! And I believe it makes all the difference for you too, readers of the posts. It’s so much easier to see just how it looks and how lovely something really is with a a good photo!

I’m tempted to over-complicate it further but I won’t because that’s not Zoe’s rules 🙂

I’m excited! If not just because I’ll have four new pieces of clothing by the end of September, and a lot of inspiration from the other participants!

For full details, see Zoe’s full post on her blog at So, Zo, What do you know? (I also recommend subscribing, she’s fun to read!)


This will also be my first month-long online challenge! I’ve been having so much fun with my new blog and hobbies it seems silly not to join in on the fun I see in my RSS Reader.

Let the excitement begin!


4 thoughts on “Self-Stitched-Sept ’11 – I’m in!

  1. Hi, Grand idea. Please keep it going. Stumbled onto this site and am intrigued with this concept. Would like to give the commitment a try; however, I know I don’t have enough self-made outfits to actually wear for the 30 days of September.

  2. Hi! I’m like you, I think I can stretch it if I use only one item per day. There are at least 20 work days in the month so I think I can get that far. Your clip is great. What someone else might have to ss in this new creation has an extended life. You’ve given me an idea. I not good at beading but have consolidated two store bought necklaces together to make one multi-strand piece. It’s not stitched, but, it’s hand made (or should I say hannd fashioned). Might count.
    How’d your new outfits fare? Check my blog for pics of my outfits.

    1. Oh please share your combination! It reminds me that I actually have a few of my own store-bought pieces that I never got round to combining… that’s on the to-do list now. As for the outfits, I have to get through all my laundry this weekend and then I’ll have a few pieces of actual clothing to wear 🙂

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