Crafty Archive: Results from my Beading Binge #1

A few years ago when I was having one of my urges to learn something new, I went to Spotlight and bought a few ‘cheap’ beading kits. I say ‘cheap’ because while I did spend a bit of money getting the tools and things, I didn’t buy the top of the range stuff because I wasn’t sure if I was going to be any good or even like it!

As it turned out, I made quite a number of things and really loved it! However, because I bought the ‘cheap’ beads and findings, I wasn’t really happy with the quality of my finished pieces and vowed to buy the better quality beads, finding and tools when I had more money.

That hasn’t happened yet, because in the meantime I got distracted by learning how to crochet, sew clothing, do artistic make up, model, draw and generally re-learning how to be constantly inspired!

So, without further ado, here’s the first few of my early pieces:

↑ This one I used the leaves from another necklace I bought for $5 years earlier, but never wore because there was something about it that wasn’t right for me. This, however, is just right and I have worn it a few times!

↑ The flower was from a brooch that was attached to a el cheapo jumper I had bought. The jumper died and the brooch lost its pin, but of course it was too pretty to throw away!

↑ This I gifted to a very special friend who greatly appreciates the Gothic Aesthetic!

I hope these inspire you! 🙂

Happy creating!


4 thoughts on “Crafty Archive: Results from my Beading Binge #1

  1. Thanks for sharing your creations. I thought they were great. I, particulary, liked the last one as I’m partial to green. I’m not as talented as you. My beading, if you could call it that, is just combining two already made necklaces to make a new one (e.g. two two-strand necklaces layer to make one four-strand necklace). Hope you get back to beading soon.

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