Beading practice turns into a new Gothic necklace!

After getting excited and inspired by my re-find earlier this week, I thought I’d start a new project from an old magazine tutorial to practice the skills I’ll need to finish my great grandma’s work. What I didn’t expect was that I’d finish it this week as well! So without  further ado:

I love it! I honestly thought I wasn’t going to like it but it has come together wonderfully. I just poked around my bead stash for things that matched the supplies list in the tutorial and that didn’t look too bad together. However, as with my other bits and pieces of jewellery I’ve made, I’m not entirely happy with it because I used some cheap plastic beads. But such is life, most of my bead stash consists of cheap plastic beads at the moment!

I also didn’t have enough of some of the different bead types, so I had to mix and match and arrange a bit to get the combinations right. And alas, one of my old necklaces had to sacrifice two purple beads for this project! I just didn’t have enough in my stash, and in the end one of my favourites I made in 2009 is going to have be re-invented. 😦

I’m also interested to see how the clasp will hold up on a night out: I haven’t used these types of clasps before and none of my store-bought jewellery used them either.

And finally here’s a close up of the fringing:

I love this kind of Gothic styling. I already have the perfect dress for wearing with it, let’s just see when I can find the occasion to wear it!

I learned some good techniques with this necklace, and I’m pretty happy with my first attempt at this kind of beading. I’d love to try this again with better beads, as well as get the nice seed beads that are more uniform in size for a neater look. Making this was so easy! And I thought it was going to be hard, silly poppet. Now I just need to sit down and finalise the design and pattern for what I want to do with my great grandma’s old beads.

Stay inspired! 🙂


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