A Week of Bento #8

Another week, no photos. But lunch was brought 3 out of 5 days, this time two of them bentos! Good news.

However, I have decided to stop these weekly post of bentos, because it’s just not happening for me at the moment!! That and I’m also no good at food photography it seems. Never fear though, I will still post a lunch if it is particularly awesome. 🙂

I often find I get too excited and start too many projects at the same time, so deciding to cull this one is only going to make my other projects better. I’m also better at taking pictures of my projects!

I’ll still eat bento though, because I still love bento!

Happy lunching! 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Week of Bento #8

  1. Hi Morgan,

    Your post made me laugh. Bento lunches are typical in Hawaii. So, when I first saw your post, I was quite intrigued. I can see how regularly posting could be daunting. Share when you can.



    1. Hehe, you don’t see bento lunches very often in Australia, mostly just at sushi shops where they have the Japanese train-station style ones. I lived in Japan for a short while when I was younger and took a bento to school everyday, so it’s quite special to me! I will be sure to post the better ones now the self-imposed pressure is off 🙂

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