Special September

Perfect nights.
Learning an important lesson.
Happy cats.
Helping and old friend.
Shades of green.
Bright moons.
Spa baths.
Full rivers.
Unspun alpaca fleece.
Spring nights with a cool breeze.
Clean house.
Figuring something out.
New wool.
New notebook.
Clear skin.
Home time.
Farmers’ markets.
Cows with scratching posts.


I love a bargain in glorious colours!

Short post right now. I couldn’t walk past these colours at the department store last night, and at $2.80 a piece I couldn’t imagine anyone who would, but people had. End of season mark-downs rock!

My bargains include persimmon coloured knit scarf, grey and silver sequin beanie and an aqua beret. I’m digging aqua at the moment! Can’t wait to wear it 🙂

Now I have an awesome idea for a photo shoot… 🙂

Morganisation: My Sewing Stash

Tonight I had planned to take you through my Sewing Stash, but when I opened the cupboard I was confronted with this:


Needless to say I won’t be walking you through that in one post. A book maybe, but I’m not writing a book today! To be fair, this cupboard also contains my Bead Stash which takes up one of the compartments.

So what I’ve decided is to list here a few of the more interesting sewing projects I’m keen to try when I overcome my pattern procrastination…

  • Spot On Dress (to match my Sunny Spots 🙂 )
  • Mondrian Dress
  • Pale Aqua French Knickers
  • Vintage Pink Pencil Skirt
  • Emerald Velvet SteamPunk Ball Gown
  • Subdued Stripes Pencil Skirt
  • Hot Pink Satin Pencil Skirt (Needs a better name…)
  • Beige Blending Office Pieces
  • Gaga in the Office Sheath Dress

And many more…

There are many a good thing to come of of that cupboard I know it! Now when this current crochet craze I’m in begins to fade it will be anyone’s guess as to whether it will be a beading or a sewing trip next…

Or maybe you can help me decide? What should next month’s craze be, beading or sewing?


Stay creative!

Morganisation: My Yarn Stash

Since I learned to crochet in 2010, my little stash has grown a bit. Here it is, as it is today:

Not a bad little collection if I do say so myself! Here’s what each is:

1. (Top left) Embroidery threads – These are recent addition, before they lived in my sewing stash. However the purchase of a 2.0 mm crochet hook meant I wanted to try something small, and these were perfect 🙂

2. (Bottom left) This is a left over ball of a really soft yarn I bought in Mogo, NSW. The yarn is from Peru, and I used two balls to make a rather large knitted shawl for a friend. The shawl was wonderful, but I was reminded why I shouldn’t knit with my injured shoulder! With the extra ball, I started making a round of something and I don’t know what it will be. Maybe a hat.

3. (First row) I forget the type, but I think it’s acrylic. It was one of my first yarns, I bought it at the sewing department store and made myself a crochet hook bag and stitch marker bag (see next pic). The next things, all the way to the white yarn in the top right, is the Star Anise Blanket in progress.

4. (Second row) This row starts with a polyester furry thing. I don’t know what it is. I just made it. And it’s not finished yet, so I don’t know what’s it’s going to be yet. Next up is the beginning of square for another blanket. This and the rest of the yarn in the row I bought on eBay, it came from some lovely sheep in Victoria, Australia. The seller even sent me some pics of the sheep! 😀

5. (Third row) This row starts with the green mohair mix. This is a project started but I think I’ll end up unravelling and try something different. Mohair is quite difficult to crochet with! It was a steal though, I got the three balls from an op-shop for $4. The rest of the row is a mix of crochet yarns bestowed on me by mothers and grandmothers, plus some string from the supermarket I wanted to make a back scrubber with. I should really get back to that. And the red at the end is left over from a scarf and beanie I made for Sweetheart 🙂

6. (Last row) The 15 white balls are Patons Bamboo & Cotton mix, it’s just lovely. It’s going to be a vintage style throw and I might even dye it with tea. If it works. And lastly, the bottom corner holds a skein of very soft yarn from Rosie, an alpaca.

So that’s all my yarns, but what about my tools? Well, I have a small collection, but that will expand when I receive my next present from eBay. I bought myself a hook of just about every size!

From left to right, we have knitting needles in various sizes. I used to have more, but I got rid of them as I can’t knit. However I keep these because sometimes a knitting needle can be a useful thing to have. Then there is my self-made crochet bag, and a my current collection of crochet hooks. Next to them is my little self-made stitch marker bag; it’s full of coloured paperclip stitch markers! Really, have a look how they’re made, futuregirl is onto something. Then there’s my scissors, knitting bee, pom pom maker and butterfly loom.

And so! My Yarn Stash, laid bare. Being a combination of clutter bug and neat freak I don’t want my stash to get too big, so I need to make stuff from my current stash before I buy anything for the stash. This leads me to my Yarn Project List!

  1. Embroidery thread pincushion, like these lovely things.
  2. Finish the floppy burgundy doily hat or whatever it is.
  3. Finish the yarn bowl or whatever it was from the cream acrylic set, to match my hook and marker bags.
  4. Finish the polyester furry thing.
  5. Make something with the green mohair.
  6. Finish the Star Anise Blanket.
  7. Make something with the sheep skeins.
  8. Finish the string back scrubber.
  9. Make something with the Rosie alpaca yarn.
  10. Make pattern for vintage bedspread and start crocheting!
  11. Stash the left overs for a Left Over Yarn Throw!

10 projects to continue on and one on the back burner! And I thought I wouldn’t have anything to say on my blog. Hehe!

Stay creative!

Crafty Archive: Results from my Beading Binge #6

More Beading Binge Bliss!

↑ I remember the creative process on this one, I was feeling Goth-y, and I liked the big bead. So I made the top bar. Then I just kept putting matching things together until I had something I liked! I had a lot of fun with this piece but I do recall it taking a longer time that most of my others 🙂

↑ Another favorite!! The charm was actually from an older pair of favourite earrings, you can see the black coating has started to come off in parts. The earring hooks were in a much worse state, and while I could have just replaced them, it was more fun to create something new. I still have the other earring, it’s waiting in my bead box for the right moment!

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Happy creating! 🙂

Progress update on the Star Anise Blanket

September is almost over, and with it Self-Stitched September ‘11. :/ I didn’t make it cataloging or making my outfits (I unexpectedly went crochet-mad this month), but the thought was there. It also made me realise I wear a lot of the same outfits over and over again, I really do need to get in front of my machine!

So what I’ve decided to do for the remaining days of September is share with you my completed projects and various stashes – But first an update on the Star Anise Blanket!

Back in July, I began something I never thought I’d ever finish. But since I’ve gotten inspired to make so many other blankets and I’m determined to finish the ones I do start. Yesterday, the Star Anise Blanket reached a milestone: I finished the skein of Rustic Blue Gum Alpaca mix I picked up in Mogo, NSW. Here’s my stack:

I didn’t have quite enough left to finish the last 3 1/2 centres I’d made, so I wasn’t going to have enough hexagons to complete my original idea for the centre of the blanket. This called for some Arranging Experimentation!

That’s 56 completed hexagons! I am so delighted with my progress. I feel like I happy Grandma who hasn’t gone wrinkly yet.

In my Blanket Inspiration Exploration, I read somewhere that about 350 pieces of about this size are required to make a queen size bedspread. Since I’m of the opinion that a good cozy blanket needs to cover at least two people and a cat (or medium-sized dog), I still have way to go.

The next step I think, is to find 3 skeins of something sublime to be the 3rd round of the next stage of hexagons. I’ll also need to decide on what the 2nd round colour will be. I still have plenty of the gold thread for the centres, so I’ll continue to scatter them around in this next stage… but I’ll need another colour to break them up… I am perplexed.

I guess I’ll just need to convince Sweetheart we’re due for another Country Drive! (I’m sure that won’t be difficult at all 😉 hehe!)

Stay creative!

SSS’11 Day 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10: Organised-Me actually planned the Photo Shoot

Woohoo! It’s a good week when you don’t have to think about what you’re going to wear in the morning. As I was planning the shoot, I planned what I’d wear each day – The only thing I had to concentrate on was not spilling my lunch down the front. Success!

Day 6: Tuesday

Today’s ensemble was one Me-Made Grey Pencil Skirt, made from the same fabric as the No Cigar Dress. No cool piping on this one though. But I did edge the inside of the interfacing with a burgundy satin ribbon, it makes me smile every time I put this skirt on. Today also includes a Me-Modified cardigan – the beige cardigan originally had very boring little round beige buttons, which I replaced with rather interesting slightly larger square brown buttons.

Day 7: Wednesday

To ease into Thursday, here our glamorous model sports an old pink cardigan, also with Me-Modified ‘buttons.’ The original plain round pink buttons were replaced with 10mm round shiny rose beads! We also get more mileage this week from the Gothic Favourite Pencil Skirt worn on Monday (Hey, in and office full of men it’s clean if they haven’t seen it in more than 24 hours.) Ooh, and that’s also a Me-Made earring dangling on the side..!

Day 8: Thursday

Bam! It’s Thursday! Did you see that coming? None of these sultry looks in the office but this Hot Pink Pencil Skirt certainly got looked at. Not enough for a comment (positive or negative) but that’s not what we wear it for. This skirt causes entertaining problems for my colour-scheming mind: What else can you wear with a Hot Pink Pencil Skirt other than White, Black or Grey?

Day 9: Friday

Pay Day! Casual Day! Lots of Good Days all roll into one on Fridays. An no-one can tell this used to be a pillow case! This skirt is a little figure hugging at the moment but still very comfy. I made a few pillow case skirts a few years ago, but this I made a few months ago using a new method I devised (although if I looked someone may have already thought of it.). Personally I think it’s the easiest way to make a pillow-case skirt, I may have to write a tutorial!

Day 10: Saturday

Finally, a day I can work my magic. Like what I am doing to the wooden spoon. This delightfully domestic number is a collection of designer brands, cheap online finds, thrifty op-shopping and a pile of fabric. Yes, the pile of fabric is my Oh-So-Elegant Tea Skirt in black party satin, which I got for $3 a metre. When it’s not sprucing up a Tea Party with family at home (as what happened this fine Saturday), I love dressing this skirt up to the Nines and heading to the Hyatt Hotel for High Tea – the unfinished hem has just the right amount of ‘Devil may care’.

Weee! That was fun, planning the outfits, wearing them for the week, the putting it all back on for the shoot. I doubt I’ll get one shoot for each week that’s left now, but let’s see about getting one more in.

I still have to focus on getting my Me-Made items for September finished… I didn’t anticipate trying a bust enlargement on a pattern would be so vexing… :/

Stay creative!


SSS’11 Day 5: Me-made Gothic Favourite Pencil Skirt

I have fallen behind on the Self-Stitched September ’11 challenge, but not one for excuses, here’s Day 5!

I promise you I did also wear a head that day.

This skirt I made from fabric I’ve had in my stash since 2004. I’ve been wanting to make it into a pencil skirt since then and this year I finally did! This is the fabric that made me want to learn to sew, and I’ve been holding off using it till I felt confident enough to cut it. It’s now one of my favourites and an office staple. It also features in the SSS’11 themed photo shoot I was able to squeeze in that week!

Stay tuned 🙂



I think I have a post idea coming up, as soon as I figure out how to write it. The title would be something like “How to shoot down a Creative Block with Lasers.”

I also reached an insignificant milestone this week, I reached 666 pins on my one board on Pinterest. That’s a lot. Too many in fact, that I had forgotten what I originally pinned and it would take a longer time to scroll to the bottom than my frayed attention span will allow. So I decided to separate them into separate boards. That’s proving to be entertaining. I now have a lot of boards…

So while I was having yet another evening in front of the TV, iPad in hand, pinning away, I decided I had to do something. So I made a mini-poster.

Hooray! I made something. I feel a bit better!

Stay creative 🙂

Crafty Archive: Results from my Beading Binge #5

↑ A favourite, versatile piece: I’ve also worn this as a ‘waist-lace’ while wearing my corset.

↑ Another favourite! However, this one is fairly delicate and is on my re-make list when I get sturdier chains and findings.

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Happy creating! 🙂