SSS’11 Day 2: Creative Compulsive Fringe Scarf + No-sew How-to Tutorial!

Hooray for crafting! And more hoorays for opportunity to wear results of crafting outside the house!

This morning was hard getting out of bed, which is odd since it’s a Friday, so no handmade things managed to make it onto my person in the morning’s sleepy search for clothes. However, we did go out for dinner and I wore a light scarf I made in July.

Back story: I found 365 days of craft in June this year, and going through Bronwyn’s posts makes for fun reading! When she up-cycled an old t-shirt into a fringe scarf that got my mind whirring about what I had that I could cut up! It’s soooo easy!

Here’s my result:

Inspiration credit goes to Bronwyn!

Don’t mind me looking all intimidating and snooty, actually all I want to do is wash my hair and go to bed. No long now. Anyhoo, the fabric is a left over remnant of some non-fraying black jersey knit from my stash. I’m a bit of a minimalist at times so no beads for me, but you could easily add them!

Here’s what it looks like when it’s been dropped then slightly arranged in a clean spot of the kitchen floor:

Since this was sooo easy, it would be a crime not to show you how I did it. So here’s what a did for my version:

Basically, cut on the purple lines. You don’t event have to be neat – in fact better if you don’t, it adds to the charm. The only notes I would suggest is don’t cut the fringing too close together at the top, otherwise it will pull off easily and you will have no fringe left. Secondly, do it outside if you’re using the same black jersey knit stuff I did – there were little black bits of fluff EVERYWHERE by the time I finished. Also wash it before you try it on. Otherwise you will find more black dots in cleavage.

Weekend tomorrow! And I’ll have to start preparing for my other part of the SSS’11 commitement – making a new piece of clothing each week.

Stay inspired 🙂



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