A relaxing day for time out


Never fear SSS’11 followers, I have my photos ready to post and am just waiting for the right moment to put it all together. I planned my outfits for the week and did an fun photoshoots so I have some great pics to share!

This week I had an inspiration overload mixed with a creative block, which I attribute to too much time on Pinterest. So many awesome things to make! Needless to day nothing interesting got done, except for wearing some nice outfits, and oh I did clean the kitchen which Sweetheart appreciated very much.

So I’ll be continuing to take it creatively easy this weekend while I do my usual planning which I know helps these overloaded blocks pass a bit quicker. Tonight will be another country drive, with time spent in the dark at a beach where I plan to crochet by candlelight. I’ll let you know how that goes!



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