Progress update on the Star Anise Blanket

September is almost over, and with it Self-Stitched September ‘11. :/ I didn’t make it cataloging or making my outfits (I unexpectedly went crochet-mad this month), but the thought was there. It also made me realise I wear a lot of the same outfits over and over again, I really do need to get in front of my machine!

So what I’ve decided to do for the remaining days of September is share with you my completed projects and various stashes – But first an update on the Star Anise Blanket!

Back in July, I began something I never thought I’d ever finish. But since I’ve gotten inspired to make so many other blankets and I’m determined to finish the ones I do start. Yesterday, the Star Anise Blanket reached a milestone: I finished the skein of Rustic Blue Gum Alpaca mix I picked up in Mogo, NSW. Here’s my stack:

I didn’t have quite enough left to finish the last 3 1/2 centres I’d made, so I wasn’t going to have enough hexagons to complete my original idea for the centre of the blanket. This called for some Arranging Experimentation!

That’s 56 completed hexagons! I am so delighted with my progress. I feel like I happy Grandma who hasn’t gone wrinkly yet.

In my Blanket Inspiration Exploration, I read somewhere that about 350 pieces of about this size are required to make a queen size bedspread. Since I’m of the opinion that a good cozy blanket needs to cover at least two people and a cat (or medium-sized dog), I still have way to go.

The next step I think, is to find 3 skeins of something sublime to be the 3rd round of the next stage of hexagons. I’ll also need to decide on what the 2nd round colour will be. I still have plenty of the gold thread for the centres, so I’ll continue to scatter them around in this next stage… but I’ll need another colour to break them up… I am perplexed.

I guess I’ll just need to convince Sweetheart we’re due for another Country Drive! (I’m sure that won’t be difficult at all 😉 hehe!)

Stay creative!


2 thoughts on “Progress update on the Star Anise Blanket

  1. I applaud you for being so creative and getting on the crochet – not somwthing I have any desire to do. I do love the colours and the blanket is going to be sublime once finished.
    As for the clothes – i tend to wer alot of the same things, but since we’ve moved interstate from ‘forever sunny & hot’ Western Qld to ‘four season in a day’ Tassie I am relishing the opportunity to buy more and wear lots of different things again.
    Jen 🙂

    1. Yes I love living in places where the weather changes, so many more ways to dress up! With the blanket, I’m excited to finish it now… We’re off to some markets this weekend, hopefully I’ll find the next yarn there 🙂

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