Morganisation: My Yarn Stash

Since I learned to crochet in 2010, my little stash has grown a bit. Here it is, as it is today:

Not a bad little collection if I do say so myself! Here’s what each is:

1. (Top left) Embroidery threads – These are recent addition, before they lived in my sewing stash. However the purchase of a 2.0 mm crochet hook meant I wanted to try something small, and these were perfect 🙂

2. (Bottom left) This is a left over ball of a really soft yarn I bought in Mogo, NSW. The yarn is from Peru, and I used two balls to make a rather large knitted shawl for a friend. The shawl was wonderful, but I was reminded why I shouldn’t knit with my injured shoulder! With the extra ball, I started making a round of something and I don’t know what it will be. Maybe a hat.

3. (First row) I forget the type, but I think it’s acrylic. It was one of my first yarns, I bought it at the sewing department store and made myself a crochet hook bag and stitch marker bag (see next pic). The next things, all the way to the white yarn in the top right, is the Star Anise Blanket in progress.

4. (Second row) This row starts with a polyester furry thing. I don’t know what it is. I just made it. And it’s not finished yet, so I don’t know what’s it’s going to be yet. Next up is the beginning of square for another blanket. This and the rest of the yarn in the row I bought on eBay, it came from some lovely sheep in Victoria, Australia. The seller even sent me some pics of the sheep! 😀

5. (Third row) This row starts with the green mohair mix. This is a project started but I think I’ll end up unravelling and try something different. Mohair is quite difficult to crochet with! It was a steal though, I got the three balls from an op-shop for $4. The rest of the row is a mix of crochet yarns bestowed on me by mothers and grandmothers, plus some string from the supermarket I wanted to make a back scrubber with. I should really get back to that. And the red at the end is left over from a scarf and beanie I made for Sweetheart 🙂

6. (Last row) The 15 white balls are Patons Bamboo & Cotton mix, it’s just lovely. It’s going to be a vintage style throw and I might even dye it with tea. If it works. And lastly, the bottom corner holds a skein of very soft yarn from Rosie, an alpaca.

So that’s all my yarns, but what about my tools? Well, I have a small collection, but that will expand when I receive my next present from eBay. I bought myself a hook of just about every size!

From left to right, we have knitting needles in various sizes. I used to have more, but I got rid of them as I can’t knit. However I keep these because sometimes a knitting needle can be a useful thing to have. Then there is my self-made crochet bag, and a my current collection of crochet hooks. Next to them is my little self-made stitch marker bag; it’s full of coloured paperclip stitch markers! Really, have a look how they’re made, futuregirl is onto something. Then there’s my scissors, knitting bee, pom pom maker and butterfly loom.

And so! My Yarn Stash, laid bare. Being a combination of clutter bug and neat freak I don’t want my stash to get too big, so I need to make stuff from my current stash before I buy anything for the stash. This leads me to my Yarn Project List!

  1. Embroidery thread pincushion, like these lovely things.
  2. Finish the floppy burgundy doily hat or whatever it is.
  3. Finish the yarn bowl or whatever it was from the cream acrylic set, to match my hook and marker bags.
  4. Finish the polyester furry thing.
  5. Make something with the green mohair.
  6. Finish the Star Anise Blanket.
  7. Make something with the sheep skeins.
  8. Finish the string back scrubber.
  9. Make something with the Rosie alpaca yarn.
  10. Make pattern for vintage bedspread and start crocheting!
  11. Stash the left overs for a Left Over Yarn Throw!

10 projects to continue on and one on the back burner! And I thought I wouldn’t have anything to say on my blog. Hehe!

Stay creative!


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