Morganisation: My Sewing Stash


Tonight I had planned to take you through my Sewing Stash, but when I opened the cupboard I was confronted with this:


Needless to say I won’t be walking you through that in one post. A book maybe, but I’m not writing a book today! To be fair, this cupboard also contains my Bead Stash which takes up one of the compartments.

So what I’ve decided is to list here a few of the more interesting sewing projects I’m keen to try when I overcome my pattern procrastination…

  • Spot On Dress (to match my Sunny Spots 🙂 )
  • Mondrian Dress
  • Pale Aqua French Knickers
  • Vintage Pink Pencil Skirt
  • Emerald Velvet SteamPunk Ball Gown
  • Subdued Stripes Pencil Skirt
  • Hot Pink Satin Pencil Skirt (Needs a better name…)
  • Beige Blending Office Pieces
  • Gaga in the Office Sheath Dress

And many more…

There are many a good thing to come of of that cupboard I know it! Now when this current crochet craze I’m in begins to fade it will be anyone’s guess as to whether it will be a beading or a sewing trip next…

Or maybe you can help me decide? What should next month’s craze be, beading or sewing?


Stay creative!


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