Morganisation: My Beading/Jewellery Making Stash Part 1

In my Sewing Stash post, I gave a not very revealing sneak peak into my beading stash. And today I continue the illusion that my junk piles are actually worth reading about by offering the preview of the current state of my work-in-progress tray:

Ah yes, other people’s mess. The glorious thing about the internet is if you’re not interested, somebody else is, and this is wonderful news for people who like to ramble and wonder out loud like me.

Some of my work-in-progress tray is stuff from sewing mending jobs Sweetheart threw on there when he cleaned up the lounge room. There are in fact three projects here: One plastic pearl and Swarovski crystal stitching experiment hiding under the paper bag, and two necklace re-fashion jobs I need to start. Both the necklaces were given as gifts to a people and that people has asked me to turn them into something she would actually wear.

And idea I have, alas, at the moment time I do not. So they sit in the tray untill the time comes I can put a few consecutive hours together. Which will hopefully be this week.

Stay tuned for more Beading Stash Goodness next week!



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