A Little Wooden Table Made by Me!

Pottering in my cupboards with the camera the other day, I realised just how much stuff I have to make more stuff. Which means to have accumulated such a collection I would have had to already made stuff, so what exactly has it been that I have made?

Camera + Blog = Catalogue. See what I did there? Har har.

I’ve already shared a bunch of jewellery I’ve made and my current projects, but what about my small scarf collection and other things, like this table?

Woo check it out! I made a table! Hehe, or rather, I conceived the idea of a table and my Dad kinda took over and finished the table while I was at Uni one day. But I got to paint it and write my name in the paint in the back.

This table came to life in August 2002, almost 10 years ago! For many years, there was a piece of yellow laminated board floating around in my parents’ garage when I still lived at home. Sometimes we used it as a paint palette. But as I got more involved in my Uni projects, I spent more time sitting on my bedroom floor surrounded by art supplies and thought I would find a little table very useful. So we made one! It matched my late-teenage bright and multi-coloured bedroom very nicely.

However, this year I found the yellow no longer suited my more ‘mature’ taste and it needed an update. At the papershop one day, I came across this very cool reprint of a vintage map. Unfortunately I cut off the year and don’t remember what it was now. Anyway, a bit of spray glue and some careful smoothing and I have a nice new table top I can change whenever I like!

The little table is still as useful as it ever was. Come to think of it, I still have a few wood projects I made in my teenage years!

Stay crafty! 🙂


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