Meditation Cushion Made by Me

Another from my Completed Projects Pile, here’s a meditation cushion, or zafu!

I love this style of cushion and I loved making this. I’ve studied Tibetan Buddhism in the past and I always go back to it when I need a bit of calm-down time. Buying a cushion didn’t seem right for me so when I decided to make one I found a lot of good patterns online. Check out the one I used here.

This I filled with wheat we bought from a pet food store, I think it was $7 for 5kg, which works out much more cost effective in my corner of the world than the traditional buckwheat option. The finished cushion weighs 7kg.

I’d love to make this again, but when I do I think I’ll add more pleats. Once the cushion is full on this version, they disappear in the middle.

Stay calm! πŸ˜€


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