I need your help! What is this?

Remember my yarn stash post a few weeks ago? Well, turned out that post was more popular that I thought it would be! I have been busy with my wool; I’ve discovered the joys of Ravelry and all its woolly goodness! Check out my profile here and don’t be shy πŸ™‚

Anyway, there is this in my stash:


The yarn, a beautiful alpaca and silk mix made in Peru, was left over from a knit shawl I made for a friend. I had one ball left, so I decided to start something for myself. After creating most of the motif, I realised it wasn’t going to work out the way I wanted it to (not that I’m sure I ever really knew), and it wasn’t unravelling very well so I kept going, making up the last six or seven rows as I went.

So now I have a lovely soft and floppy motif with frilly edges about 28 cm (11″) in diameter. Too small for a hat, frilly edges make it too weird to make another and join. IΒ still have almost a full ball of the stuff, so we’ve go some wiggle room.

Do you have any ideas of what this delightful disc might become?

Stay happy! xx


3 thoughts on “I need your help! What is this?

  1. Oh I love the fingerless gloves idea! Though I’m not sure I could bear to use the thing as a coaster, I may have to revisit the hat idea to see if I can have a matching set πŸ™‚

    Thank you for the kind words! I’m glad to have such lovely readers πŸ™‚

    Most likely I’ll start this on the weekend, you’ve both inspired me πŸ˜€

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