Zirconia Crochet Lace Scarf

It is one of my favourite discoveries of crochet that yarns end up have their own yarns 🙂

For example, I bought some yarn from a market for a scarf and as I did, the woman selling it (who also did the spinning) told me about the farm and the animals it came from.

The yarn I bought for this project has turned into a Yarn!

I had bought one skein many months before starting the project with the plan to make a scarf. I remember the saleswoman telling me about the yarn but didn’t really retain what she had said until…

I ran out of it. With only two rows left to go! Disaster! My only hope was to revisit the shop and get lucky. And oh did I get lucky! I checked the store for the same coloured yarn but there was none. So I told my woes to the saleswoman, and showed her my unfinished scarf (which I had thankfully remembered to grab even though the weather said I didn’t need it.). She looked at it closely and then said, ‘You know, I think this is from my Zirconia!’

Cautious happiness ensued! Could it be?

She then started talking about her alpacas. Zirconia was special, a lovely soft grey alpaca with one blue eye. ‘Not quite the diamond!’ she said. Then I remembered, this was surely the same person who sold me the first skein!

Uninhibited happiness!

So I ordered my matching yarn. A few weeks later it arrives – I’ll need to learn how to wash the yarn and then it should match perfectly… Here’s hoping!

Now if I could only remember what size hook I used..!


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