Another joyful stash discovery!

I found a box in my cupboard on the weekend, and thinking it contained some wool I started going through it. Well, it did contain some wool, but it also had some fabric pieces and another jar of beads from my great grandmother!

This was a happy discovery. Now I have two little old jars (read about the other here) with something to try, this may help me hurry up and get back to beading!

This one contains mostly clear seed beads with the old metal looking one.

It also has some plastic beads and some of my great grandmother’s WIPs in it..

And a glass button! I can just see this acting as a clasp on a necklace. Finally, here are Nana’s pieces she had worked on:

The stitched piece looks to be exactly the same method as the white beads, I think she must have liked this style. 🙂

Well, the question still remains as to when I’ll get back to beading!

Stay creative 🙂


3 thoughts on “Another joyful stash discovery!

  1. Hey Morgan. Just wanted to say how lucky you are to uncover such delightful stashes. They are special due to the connection to your great grandmother. You seem to be carrying on a tradition by following in her footsteps. Good for you.

    I am always appreciative and in awe of those who bead. I have never taken it up. Impressive.

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