A Stupid Mitten.

After my last monster of a post, I think some silliness is in order. And so I present to you the Stupid Mitten.

This mitten is quite possibly one of the most stupidest things I’ve made. I made it years ago, I don’t remember when – But it must have been 2002 or thereabouts when I was discovering that I couldn’t knit. I wanted mittens because I like mittens, and I thought I could figure out how to make them.

Well my pattern didn’t work, since I made it from two rectangles. That left a lot of wool in the point near the fingers, and I misjudged how much room my thumb would need by a LOT. It took a long time to make, which is why the second never got made. That and I didn’t buy enough wool 😦

And so, I discovered what it is to frog!

Now it’s back to a delightful ball of wool, waiting its true calling 🙂

Stay happy!


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