Darling Tea Time Crochet Placemat

I’m on a roll with the mini projects now!

I’ve come to an uncomfortable halt in my three areas of obsession at the moment; with crochet I need to find lots of suitable yarn for my large projects; with sewing I’ve found my pattern altering skills are rubbish and trying to increase the bust of my pattern five sizes is something my mind refuses to tackle; and finally with beading – after spending several hours threading two rows of lovely beads I found my centrepiece wasn’t centred and I’m going to have to undo all that work 😦

So I’ve been procrastinating with odd balls of yarn in my stash, most recently this:

Isn’t it darling. It’s a cashmere placemat I made from yarn I was using to experiment for the Blanket Scrabble. This actually started as the sample square made with the 4mm hook, but it was too small to use for that, and too pretty to unravel.

Here it is in action:

Delightful! I think I’ll carry on this trend and make myself a Tea-for-One set, and try my first Tea Cozy as well, I know just the pattern!

Happy Tea Time!


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