Nice November.

Old friends.
Swimming in the ocean.
More cuddles.
Feeling good.
Thunder storms.
Night lights.
Old love.


Finished Crochet Project: My Fairy Tea Cosy

Isn’t it silly? I used up my sample yarn from the Blanket Scrabble and had to buy more to finish this.

I made this to fit my Ugly Teapot, which you last saw covered in Other Nana’s Tea Cozy. But I misjudged my sizing and ended up making it too big! I tried it on my Avanti Teapot, but it’s still too big, so I think the only way to fix this dilemma is to buy a larger teapot!

Stay silly


Update 3 December 2011: The pattern for this tea cozy I found through Ravelry, but here’s a direct link to crochetroo’s original blog post! Enjoy 🙂

Recycled Bread Bag Crocheted Library Bag

Back in the day everyone had to have a library bag: if you didn’t have one you couldn’t take books home from my primary school’s library. I recall having a few, but they all had a drawstring and some silly cartoon design on the front.

When I got to Uni however, I found I was in need of a library bag again! One day while I was at my great grandmother’s house we found this:

Recycled Bread Bag Library Book Bag

How awesome! I declared. She said I could have it. She had made it from the plastic bags you get when you buy bread from the supermarket. This fascinated me, as I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how that would work.

Flash forward about 10 years and I have the bright idea to search the Internet on how she may have done it and, well, that’s a post for another day!

Hehe 😀

Blanket Scrabble Progress Update

I’ve been full steam ahead with work, life and relaxing lately so I’ve been pretty productive on the Star Anise and Scrabble blankets! This is partly because I’ve worked out a nifty system to work on both: Scrabble blanket travels well at this stage so I can do it on lunch breaks, in the car, waiting etc… And in the evenings after work I do some more on the Star Anise Blanket.

Here’s my stack of squares for the Blanket Scrabble so far!

This is making me very happy. However it does upset me that in the end I will give it away, but I know the person getting it will love it and I can always make myself another! Hehehehe.

Here’s where we’re at:

  • 1 Pink with black star – Henceforth Known As The Starting Square
  • 8 Red – Henceforth Known As Triple Word Scores
  • 6 Pink – Henceforth Known As Double Word Scores
  • 12 Light blue – Henceforth Known As Double Letter Scores

So we still have 10 pink, 12 light blue, 12 dark blue squares and 164 beige squares left to go… I try not to think about those numbers – after all I still have to decide exactly what shade of beige I’ll be using…

Oh! I never told you what yarn I settled on… Well I did find a great price online and was able to find the same yarn in a store nearby to check it out before buying online. I know that wasn’t the plan, but the bank account said that’s how it had to be done! You can check out what yarns I decided on on my Ravelry account!

Until next time!

Recycled Plastic Bag Grocery Market Bag

On November 1, plastic bags were no longer permitted to be handed out by stores in the ACT, Australia. That’s right, we’ve banned plastic bags!

This means my memory is going to have to improve, we’ll have to remember to bring our shopping bags from home. Hmm.

Well, taking a leaf from my crafty grandmother’s book, I want to make a crochet Market bag to bring with, and I’ll use our large supply of plastic bags to do it!

Thanks to the major supermarkets around here, we’ve got a collection of muted tones, pretty much the cool hues mixed with grey. A bit murky, but maybe we can brighten them up with crochet.

The balls pictured are the only two I have at the moment, so I’ll have to make some more plastic bag yarn! Fun times.

Stay environmentally conscious!

Black Tie Dress Ideas bring Lunchtime Excitement!

I recently was invited to a Black Tie Dinner. You know what this means? Finally a chance to wear one of the beautiful dresses in my Wardrobe! Yay!

I know just the one I want to wear, you may have have seen it before:

The only trouble with the dress is the front split is a little too revealing for this party. So to fix this problem I’m going to make myself an underskirt!

Mind racing I picked up these two patterns from the sewing shop near work today:

I love big skirts, but I’m not sure if 3852 will be too much to go under my dress. So we’ll try them both and see what happens…

You know what this also means? I’ll have actually sewn something before Christmas 😀

Stay inspired!

Relic George, the Tartan Teddy Bear

Here’s a laff for you…

I went through a teddy bear making stage when I was younger, and I made a few bears. I found it to be as simple yet as difficult as it looks! I think this bear’s name is George, he seems like a George to me.

I like George.



Update 9 June 2014: I just saw this picture again and I thought his name was Edward. I’m not sure of anything any more.

French Knickers

A few months ago I posted I was off to a French themed party… Sadly the party was postponed until further notice but I went ahead and played with French costume ideas anyway!

Lo and behold my satin magenta french knickers!

Hot Pink French Knickers

Don’t they look neat (*ahem* don’t look too closely!). However what the picture doesn’t show is that I can’t even get them past my knees.

Something went disastrously wrong with my pattern drafting skills! Perhaps it was the lack of them that did it. To make matters even more embarrassing for my so-called abilities, I can’t even get these onto my size 6 torso mannequin!

My skills with sewing satin also leave something to be desired. This is something I’ll have to research before I try these again. I’ll be sure to share when I do!

If you’ve been sewing for a while, I’d love to hear what are your best tips for sewing satin?

Stay encouraged 🙂

かぎ針編みのための日本語 or Japanese for crochet – Part 1

Here’s something about me: I know a thing or two in Japanese.

When I was 15, I lived in Japan on exchange for six months and got pretty good at speaking Japanese. I could keep up with a casual conversation with my teenage friends and host family and get myself around with no trouble at all. When I came back home, I continued studying but with no Japanese-speaking friends I started to get rusty.

And today, I’m still rusty. When I went to Japan for a holiday I did get some of it back, but I couldn’t keep pace like I could when I was 15. I’d love to speak it again, but still with no Japanese-speaking people in my circles I’ll continue singing and reading to myself.

Which brings me to what this post is all about: Japanese Crochet patterns! A while ago I finished my Zirconia Lace Scarf, which was from a Japanese pattern book. I nutted out some of what I wanted to know but mainly relied on the visual pattern and numbers to make it. Now I’d like to try something a bit more ambitious: 「モチーフつなぎのチュニック」 or ‘Bridging Motif Tunic’. Here’s a preview from the book:

Bridging Motif Tunic, from 「Let

Rather than just translate patterns, I want to learn the words and structure that is used in them, so I can read them without having to go back to dictionaries and translation applications.

Word, if you’d like to join me in learning the Japanese language for this niche, I am at an Intermediate level with my Japanese and that’s where I’ll be starting from. The are some great online resources for learning Japanese like Japanese Pod 101, which has loads of free resources and extras available with a subscription and has lessons for all skill levels.

I find it’s best to learn vocabulary in small chunks, so today we’ll just go over today’s words:

Japanese (Kanji) Hiragana/ Katakana English
かぎ針編み かぎばりあみ crochet
かぎ (n) hook; hook bracket
針 はり needle; pin; staple; stinger
かぎ針 かぎばり hook; crochet needle
編み あみ (n) stitch, stiching, knit, knitting
のための for; for the sake of
日本語 にほんご Japanese language
の (particle) belonging to
デイリーウエア daily wear
春 はる Spring
夏 なつ Summer
モチーフ motif
繋ぎ つなぎ to join, to bridge gaps
チュニック tunic

Huge thanks to the WWWJDIC: Online Japanese Dictionary Service from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia – Best online Japanese dictionary ever!!

Oh Excitement! Nothing like getting my nerd on.

Stay creative! 😀

Morganisation: My Sewing Stash Part 2, The Fabrics!

How delightful! I have visions of an incredible wardrobe whenever I potter in my fabric stash. This time during a fit of Morganisation, I sorted it all into piles depending on what I want it to become. The dress pile was certainly the largest!

Here is my stash, as of today:


I have a corset that I had custom made, and it is divine. Soon after it was made, we went overseas and I collected a few fabrics that I would love to have corsets in. I’m particularly looking forward to the blue velvet one!


I am a Pencil Skirt Fanatic. Could be my curves, or it could be their classic timeless style. Either way they’re my favourite type of skirt, and I recently found out they’re also pretty easy to make. Fun fact about my skirt fabric stash: I picked up almost all of these from op shops. Pink seems to be my colour at the moment! The only ones that weren’t from and op shop were the hot pink satin (remenant from craft department store) and the apricot with stripes (Mum bought it back in the 80s I think!). Oh, and the green one is actually a pillowcase! It was 20 cents from an op shop. 🙂


I don’t know what to do with these fabrics yet… most are quite small so not really good for clothing… I’m thinking I might try french knickers again (wait till you hear about that disaster!) with the top satin and make a cushion with the aqua blue for a friend… We will see.


Oh my dress fabric collection! None get me quite excited as this little collection right now. I desparatly want to work out my perfect pattern for a sheath dress, then make lots of sheath dresses. The exception here is the black velvety sparkly stuff up the very top… that will become a wiggle dress, the kind a wannbe star like me would wear to a karaoke night 😀

Yucky stuff

I don’t like this stuff at all. It feels icky. It came from my grandmother’s house when she was having a clean out. There’s alot of it. I suppose you would use it for the inside of a blanket, but I don’t see myself sewing a blanket in the forseeable future so I guess it will be hanging around for a while :/


This is actually my newest collection! After my first two dress disasters, I made it official to make muslins before sewing my real dress. So I’ve collected a few old sheets and am ready to go for my next attempt!

Something I enjoy slightly more than neatly folded stacks of fabric are lists. So now I know what I have, the next step is to list the projects I’m going to make!

What’s your favourite pending project in your stash?