Morganisation: My Sewing Stash Part 2, The Fabrics!

How delightful! I have visions of an incredible wardrobe whenever I potter in my fabric stash. This time during a fit of Morganisation, I sorted it all into piles depending on what I want it to become. The dress pile was certainly the largest!

Here is my stash, as of today:


I have a corset that I had custom made, and it is divine. Soon after it was made, we went overseas and I collected a few fabrics that I would love to have corsets in. I’m particularly looking forward to the blue velvet one!


I am a Pencil Skirt Fanatic. Could be my curves, or it could be their classic timeless style. Either way they’re my favourite type of skirt, and I recently found out they’re also pretty easy to make. Fun fact about my skirt fabric stash: I picked up almost all of these from op shops. Pink seems to be my colour at the moment! The only ones that weren’t from and op shop were the hot pink satin (remenant from craft department store) and the apricot with stripes (Mum bought it back in the 80s I think!). Oh, and the green one is actually a pillowcase! It was 20 cents from an op shop. 🙂


I don’t know what to do with these fabrics yet… most are quite small so not really good for clothing… I’m thinking I might try french knickers again (wait till you hear about that disaster!) with the top satin and make a cushion with the aqua blue for a friend… We will see.


Oh my dress fabric collection! None get me quite excited as this little collection right now. I desparatly want to work out my perfect pattern for a sheath dress, then make lots of sheath dresses. The exception here is the black velvety sparkly stuff up the very top… that will become a wiggle dress, the kind a wannbe star like me would wear to a karaoke night 😀

Yucky stuff

I don’t like this stuff at all. It feels icky. It came from my grandmother’s house when she was having a clean out. There’s alot of it. I suppose you would use it for the inside of a blanket, but I don’t see myself sewing a blanket in the forseeable future so I guess it will be hanging around for a while :/


This is actually my newest collection! After my first two dress disasters, I made it official to make muslins before sewing my real dress. So I’ve collected a few old sheets and am ready to go for my next attempt!

Something I enjoy slightly more than neatly folded stacks of fabric are lists. So now I know what I have, the next step is to list the projects I’m going to make!

What’s your favourite pending project in your stash?


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