French Knickers

A few months ago I posted I was off to a French themed party… Sadly the party was postponed until further notice but I went ahead and played with French costume ideas anyway!

Lo and behold my satin magenta french knickers!

Hot Pink French Knickers

Don’t they look neat (*ahem* don’t look too closely!). However what the picture doesn’t show is that I can’t even get them past my knees.

Something went disastrously wrong with my pattern drafting skills! Perhaps it was the lack of them that did it. To make matters even more embarrassing for my so-called abilities, I can’t even get these onto my size 6 torso mannequin!

My skills with sewing satin also leave something to be desired. This is something I’ll have to research before I try these again. I’ll be sure to share when I do!

If you’ve been sewing for a while, I’d love to hear what are your best tips for sewing satin?

Stay encouraged 🙂


4 thoughts on “French Knickers

  1. Morgan,

    First I have a few questions. How small (inches) across the hips are the knickers? Do you have extra satin? Can you get matching black satin? If these answers are positive then consider unduing the side seams ( I would not touch the crotch area as long as it fits) and start adding extension strips. For example, cut out (following the same grain line) a two inch strip of black satin and attach it using 1/2 seams which would allow you to finish the inside seams how you want. If you want more color you could do another strip using the original color. If you do that then narro the black strip. These would become faux stripes. Just a thought to consider. To top it all off I would add some black to the top so it would all flow together. You’ve refashioned your design. May work, depending how fond you are of this piece.

    1. Hey that’s a great idea! I was content to abandon these and make a new pair from scratch, but now I think I’ll take your advice and refashion these to fit. Unfortunately I don’t have any of the pink left but I do have some navy blue satin that may do the trick! Thanks Beverly!

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