Recycled Plastic Bag Grocery Market Bag

On November 1, plastic bags were no longer permitted to be handed out by stores in the ACT, Australia. That’s right, we’ve banned plastic bags!

This means my memory is going to have to improve, we’ll have to remember to bring our shopping bags from home. Hmm.

Well, taking a leaf from my crafty grandmother’s book, I want to make a crochet Market bag to bring with, and I’ll use our large supply of plastic bags to do it!

Thanks to the major supermarkets around here, we’ve got a collection of muted tones, pretty much the cool hues mixed with grey. A bit murky, but maybe we can brighten them up with crochet.

The balls pictured are the only two I have at the moment, so I’ll have to make some more plastic bag yarn! Fun times.

Stay environmentallyΒ conscious!


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