Blanket Scrabble Progress Update

I’ve been full steam ahead with work, life and relaxing lately so I’ve been pretty productive on the Star Anise and Scrabble blankets! This is partly because I’ve worked out a nifty system to work on both: Scrabble blanket travels well at this stage so I can do it on lunch breaks, in the car, waiting etc… And in the evenings after work I do some more on the Star Anise Blanket.

Here’s my stack of squares for the Blanket Scrabble so far!

This is making me very happy. However it does upset me that in the end I will give it away, but I know the person getting it will love it and I can always make myself another! Hehehehe.

Here’s where we’re at:

  • 1 Pink with black star – Henceforth Known As The Starting Square
  • 8 Red – Henceforth Known As Triple Word Scores
  • 6 Pink – Henceforth Known As Double Word Scores
  • 12 Light blue – Henceforth Known As Double Letter Scores

So we still have 10 pink, 12 light blue, 12 dark blue squares and 164 beige squares left to go… I try not to think about those numbers – after all I still have to decide exactly what shade of beige I’ll be using…

Oh! I never told you what yarn I settled on… Well I did find a great price online and was able to find the same yarn in a store nearby to check it out before buying online. I know that wasn’t the plan, but the bank account said that’s how it had to be done! You can check out what yarns I decided on on my Ravelry account!

Until next time!


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