Another Star Anise Blanket Progress Update

“The time has come,” my imaginary walrus friend said, “to really give some thought about the direction of this here blanket.”

There it is. I’m really happy with my stitches, I’m pretty good at this crochet thang. Making and joining the hexagons is so easy and relaxing. However, I’m not loving how the design is going… which I don’t like because I’m putting a lot of time into this project!

This can only mean one thing… Blanket Planning. Doh! Not what you want to do when you set out to do an improvised creative project, but it is part of this blanket’s evolution so I guess it’s welcome! I’ve been collecting beautiful alpaca yarns that match my colour scheme, and because theΒ hexagonsΒ a so lovely it’s important they sit together in the right pattern…

To the Nerd Machine…

I could draw this with pencils and paper, in fact I would prefer to because I find drawing relaxing too, but that will take up precious crochet time so we’ll do it speedily with these new fang-dangled technologies…

That and I like taking pictures.

After a fair bit of changing all sorts of colours, this is what we’ve got:

Wow! To be honest, I don’t like that image at all. I think it’s far too harsh, but I must remember that’s not the real thing! But when I think of the yarns and the pattern it will create, I think it will work. Keeping in mind too, that I haven’t planned the whole thing – I still don’t know if I want the finished blanket to be square, rectangular or hexagonal, though I’m leaning to hexagonal.

If you look closely you might notice a difference between the plan and the section of the blanket I’ve already put together… I’ve taken 6 hexagons out of the centre and moved them further out… I think I’ve really gone mad – I am terrified I’ll end up un-joining and re-joining the whole thing! Must – shake – such – thoughts – !

One last thing about this Blanket’s evolution… I think it’s heading for a name change. Star Anise just doesn’t seem to fit any more and all I can think about when joining the hexagons are camping trips from when I was a kid… the Australian bush and stars in clear night skies… πŸ™‚ Such happy memories πŸ™‚

Stay chilled!*

* Easy to do in Canberra at the moment, Summer doesn’t seem to have hit yet!

6 thoughts on “Another Star Anise Blanket Progress Update

  1. I love what you have so far. If you are going to make it as a blanket, how about selecting a neutral color and then use then outside of your star and work toward squaring off the edges. You could keep the name Star of Anise and then your star would be the central motif on a neutral field (background). I wouldn’t use white, a more muted color might be nice. Just a thought.

    1. Thanks πŸ™‚ I’m still wondering if unpicking the middle stars would be a good idea – designwise I think it would be but practicaly I’m not so sure… Will I have to redo all that I’ve joined so far?? o_O πŸ™‚

      1. I actually do like the stars, I really love the design on its whole, the colors are lovely and sober, elegant. And you say redo and iI’m filled with this anxiety, no no no missy be confident!

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