Three-quarter Completed Sewing Project: Sunshine Seat!

A while ago, I sewed together some Triangle Bean Bags from Grosgrain Fabulous free translated pattern and called them Sunshine Seats. Well, I managed to get one filled!

In my excitement I wanted to fill them as soon as I could, but I hadn’t worked out how many beans I would need… turned out to be 8 bags for one, and that overstuffed it. 8 bags of 100L of bean bag beans for one bean bag is a little expensive, so it took some time. But once we did get 8 bags and filled one, it was huge! That would have been fine, if we had not gotten a new piece of furniture that same weekend that replaced its function. Doh!

I don’t think the second one will be filled just yet, as we don’t have the space for even this one now! Design aesthetic says no. What to do what to do. I can’t wait though, to have them properly set up for two and tea – I’m thinking they’d look great in some kind of modern minimalist warehouse with polished cement floors… 😀

Stay inspired!


2 thoughts on “Three-quarter Completed Sewing Project: Sunshine Seat!

  1. These pillows are amazing!!! (Not to mention the dress… OMG 🙂
    I would like to build a couble of these for my livingromm but the images on the original post you mention are not there anymore. May you still have them? It would be great if you can post them or maybe send them to me. I would really appreaciate that.

    1. Thank you! My apologies I just found your comment… Unfortunately the image seems to be lost as I tried looking for it again myself… However I did manage to work it out from the English translation – I recommend making a mini version first (and fill it with rice and use it as a door stop. Speaking of which I need to make a door stop.) Good luck! :s

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