A Successful Christmas Party Black Tie Outfit

My holidays have officially started! A wonderful time of year. I’ll be relaxing with Sweeheart, family and friends over the next few days and having an all-round lovely time. Today I have time for one last pre-Christmas post (and possibly the last post for 2011!)

In the spirit of Christmas parties, I have to show you what happened for the Black Tie Christmas Party I mentioned earlier! Well, the night was lovely with great food and people. All the boys were wearing their bow ties and looked delightful, but I know you really want to know how my out fit turned out…

Ooh aren’t they tantalising fabrics. Black and cream satin, and burgundy sequins. Just how did they all go together?

I already had the dress, and the wrap my Nana made me for my Year 11 dance (yes, Year 11 dance, go figure.)

On Beverley’s advice, I decided to make the Kwik Sew 3381 skirt. So glad I did! The cream satin I had bought turned out to be a bit stiffer than I’d like, so the skirt had a decidedly cone look when I put it on, but it wasn’t bad. Sew and learn. However, it did come out to big! To work around this for the evening I added a lovely button to the waist to bring it in a bit, so I’ll have to go back to this skirt and work that out  sometime.

I’m very happy with this project! I was so simple and quick to make, I finished it in 4 hours. I will probably be quicker next time now I know what I’m doing!

After all that, I’m sure you’re dying to see the complete ensemble… well, genius and last-minute-getting-ready-er person that I am, there are no photos. But there will be!! I want to do another shoot with Sweetheart soon and this outfit will be one we shoot. Until then, I have put together this wonderful drawing using the fabric photos to show you:

I did also wear eyes to the event. I felt so glamorous!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all, have a happy and safe holiday!



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