Completed Sewing Project: A New Year Dress (or A Dress That Fits)

Look at this look at this! I sewed something that fits!! See me, I can do it πŸ˜›

I first wore this for New Year’s, and boy does it have a story behind it…

Excuse the Bat Face, believe me it is better than what was actually taken.

Pattern: New Look 6857 c. 2003
Fabric: Hot pink stretch cotton drill from an Op Shop, Black stretch cotton drill from fabric store
Notions: Too short black zipper, 7 antique metal buttons from stash, both from stash
First worn: New Year’s 2012
Wear again: Yes, if I feel like ironing!

I actually cut the pieces for this dress way back, at the same time I cut the pieces for the No Cigar Dress. After I completed the No Cigar Dress and found that it didn’t fit, I folded up the pink pieces and put them in the cupboard. Maybe, I thought, I would sew them one day for someone else. Besides that, I actually ran out of fabric while cutting the pieces!! The back pieces were about 30cm shorter than I needed so I’d have to solve that problem as well!

Cut to the holidays and I’m looking for something easy to sew. The No Cigar Dress was easy, and I had since bought some black fabric to fix the missing part of the pink back pieces. I also remembered theΒ Hot Pink Pencil Skirt (scroll to Thursday) and how that was a bit bigger than the others made from the same pattern because the fabric is stretchy… Maybe… aah what the hell, let’s do it.

So I did. And as it evolved, so the too did the appliqué black V on the front, and my button choices (Vintage – they came from my Nana’s stash, which she got of my great-grandmothers stash, so I don’t know how old these could be!). As I was doing the final pressing I couldn’t help but start to wish it would fit, while trying to convince myself not to be upset if it didn’t…

Finally it came to Modelling for Sweetheart time – After a careful nod he suggested a belt, and fortunately in my wardrobe I had one! Ta-da!

So now I have A Dress That Fits!


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