Morganisation: My Sewing Stash Part 3: The Patterns

Since deciding to take up sewing in 2011, I accumulated quite the little pattern stash! Needles to say I love the dresses, and my current thing is dresses for work. As soon as I learn how to do a full bust adjustment…

The Notorious New Look 6857 Sheath Dress

This is the pattern I’ve had since 2003. My Nana made the first installment, a Hot Pink PVC Mini Dress for presenting a Uni assignment on Design in 1960s. I’m not sure where the dress is now. Then almost 10 years later, I made the No Cigar DressPotato Sack Dress and A New Year Dress (or A Dress That Fits). Success Rate: 33%. I’m not done with this pattern yet!

Colette Patterns 1017 Peony Dress

A lunchtime impulse buy spurred by lots online reading about Colette Patterns. First step with this pattern will be to pick some cute fabrics to try 🙂

Kwik Sew Pattern 3052 Learn-To-Sew Dress

Still wondering about this one. This was one of the first patterns I bought this year, from an op shop for $0.50! I didn’t pick it because I thought it would look flattering on me, more because it looked so easy to sew. So far I’ve cut the pattern out, but have yet to move onto the op shop fabric I bought to go with it.

Simplicity 2146 inspired by Project Runway Dress

After walking past the poster of this dress every time I went to the sewing shop, I decided I liked it I had to have it. It has a lot of great options I want to try, but I’m saving it till I have a few more projects under my belt.

Simplicity 2648 Amazing Fit Collection Sheath Dress

I got this because I’m curious about the Amazing Fit part. I avoid buying shirts and dresses because fit is all but Amazing, so I’m keen to see what I can do with this pattern.

Very Easy Very Vogue Pattern 8752 Cocktail Dress

Op shop. Uncut. My size. 1980s. $0.50. ‘Nuff said.

McCall’s Evening Elegance M5001 Cocktail Dress

If this pattern wasn’t in my size, uncut and going for $0.50 in an op shop, I would have left it as not my style. But I do like the skirt and the shoulder wrap 🙂

Kwik Sew 3852 Misses Skirt Pattern

This one could have been a Black Tie Underskirt, but instead just became a wearable Christmas experiment. Must revisit this one!

Simplicity 5259 Pencil Skirt and Cigarette Pant Pattern

Here’s another one that’s been hanging around in my stash for a while, and it was actually the first pattern I attempted. Successfully too! I’ll have to recount the amount of skirts I’ve made with it, but it’s up to five and still counting!

Kwik Sew Pattern 3381 Skirt in two lengths

The longer skirt here become the Black Tie Underskirt. It was super easy, even with the waistband. The only thing to do differently is make it a bit smaller so it fits!

Simplicity 4487 6 Shirts made easy

Ok, so this pattern fills me with dread. This is another my size, uncut $0.50 find in an op shop. Despite the big friendly ‘easy’ on the front I’m convinced it’s not, but this is something I will conquer in 2012. Maybe in December. :S

Simplicity 2966 Corset Top

I don’t think I’ll ever make this now. This has been in the ‘Send to op shop pile’ for a while.

Vogue Patterns 7481 Pants with Waistband options

Another op shop find. I know I have to tackle pants one day…

Simplicity 2777 Medieval Underwear

I choose to forget why I bought this many years ago. So far I’ve been successful. But now I think the dress part would be a cool nightie.

Simplicity 5005 Misses’ Lingerie

Tulle skirts. I need a black one, will I do it this year? Hmm…

Very Easy Very Vogue 7110 Cloak and Shawl

Cloak anyone? Hells yeah. I want a red one and a black one… How awesome. And that other thing looks pretty cool too.

McCall’s Fashion Accessories 3835 Hat

Did you know my Uni Hot Pink PVC Mini Dress also had a hat? Well of course it did. No self-respecting Go-go girl would be with out one to match the dress. (Now picture white knee-high PVC boots… oh yeah…)

McCall’s 6748 Cowboy Costume

I did a little WTF when I stumbled across this in my stash. Ah yes… from me nan’s it came, when she made a dress-up costume for one of my cousins. Argh.


And there we go. Brain dump complete and patterns archived with notes. Now to decide what to do next!



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