Organisation with Sewing Machine Accessories

This little bit of time back at my machine over the holidays, it dawned on me why I’ve been focused on crochet so long. Sewing in my space isn’t as comfortable or efficient as it could be, and my poor machine gets covered with dust. So I need to get my sewing space on order!

I had recently found a measure of cheap black PVC in an op shop for $3!! Bargain! The first thing that sprang to mind was a fitted top and pencil skirt, but things didn’t work out that way for the PVC…

I hereby present PVC Sewing Machine Cover and PVC/Stretch Velvet Table Cover!

With the machine cover, I had my first experience sewing a square corner! I was quite unusual, especially with no instructions. But I did work it out! Then there’s the table cover, which by all laws of physics probably shouldn’t exist. I’m sure anyone with a shred of sewing experience would not even consider sewing stretch velvet and PVC together, but I did. And now I won’t ever again.

And here’s my delightful Pins of Patience in their new home. I had been using a velvet cushion I had made when I was a youngun, but as it has no base the pins kept going right through it. This one is much more sturdy and I can use it as a paper/fabric weight as well 🙂

These few items give me a promotion in my Gothy Sewing Space – literally, instead of working on a coffee table and mediation cushion, I actually have a proper table that doesn’t bounce when I sew at full speed. I have lost the seat though, and keep borrowing one from the kitchen… small steps…

Ooh the excitement keeps coming… bring on 2012!!


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