Sew 2012 #002: The Articulate Pencil Skirt

Finishing touches complete, here it is! The Articulate Skirt!

I am over the moon the results of this skirt! I have made quite a few of these now and while I was making it I thought I could do it with my eyes closed. Then, when it came to hemming, I realised I hadn’t finished the edges of the back vent… Oops! No biggie, there wasn’t much to unpick!

This is also my first attempt at pattern matching. The diagonal stripe of the fabric only went one way and I didn’t realise you have to turn the pattern piece to make them match up how I wanted… fortunately there was enough fabric to compensate for this mistake! The front and back seams match mostly perfectly, which was most important, but not the side seams. Still, very happy with the result.

This fabric is a bit special so it was important to get it right. My mother bought it back in the 1980s with intent to make a tablecloth, but that never happened. It has a few age spots from being in storage for so long but all in all very good condition. Today, it’s a super comfy pencil skirt! I wonder if she’d like to borrow it… 😉

So, why call it The Articulate Skirt? Because it turned out exactly how it looked in my head! 😀

Yes I have pink fluff on my shoe and I’m not sure where it came from.



4 thoughts on “Sew 2012 #002: The Articulate Pencil Skirt

  1. Awesome! I simply love it! Reminded me that one of my unfinshed sewing projects is an olive green skirt that I cut out. I put it aside to tackle Christmas presents. I am definitely moving it up on my sewing to-do list. Happy Sewing!

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