Morganisation with Free Printable Sewing Pattern Envelope Template

Through all my experimenting and winging it over the years I’ve accumulated quite a few “self-drafted” patterns. At the moment they’re all rolled up in a big mess at the top of the cupboard, some yet to be taped.


To fix this problem, I designed my own pattern envelope and I thought it was so cute I have to share it! It’s a bit smaller than the commercial pattern envelopes as I wanted it to fit on an A4 sheet for easy printing at home.

As I do, I got a bit carried away and designed some more for you! Download your favourite design and print away!



When you print set Page Scaling to None, or depending on your computer just print at 100%. This will make sure your envelope doesn’t get shrunk when you print it. Also, there’s an optional page 2 with each design – if you’d like to have a nice pattern inside the envelope, print them double-sided.

It’s pretty simple to make up the envelope, but here is a quick tutorial on how to stick them together. You’ll need:

  • Sharp craft knife
  • Steel ruler
  • Cutting mat
  • Glue
  • Pens or pencils

After you’ve made sure you’ve got them printed on the right sides, set up!

Cut the rounded corners with the craft knife.

Then cut all the straight edges with the knife and ruler.

Tada! You should have something like the above.

Then, using the BACK of the craft knife blade, VERY LIGHTLY score the paper along the 4 white dotted lines. Don’t cut through the paper, you just want to define the fold line for a crisp fold. Notice that the back panel of the envelope is about 1.5mm shorter than the score lines at the top and bottom – this is so it will fold together nicely.

In order, fold the back panel, side flap and bottom flap over to form the envelope. With the back panel closed, glue down the bottom flap then the side flap.

Fold over the top flap, or the opening flap, and envelope DONE!

I recommend letting the glue dry before you put your patterns in else it might pop open. In the meantime, you can label your envelopes and perhaps draw a little picture to help you remember what they look like!

Aren’t they cute! I wonder how many I’ll use… How many will you use? 😀

I’d love to hear how you organise your patterns, be they sewing, knitting or whatever – How do you do it?

Stay happy!


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