Crochet Star Anise Blanket reachs a Felix Milestone

I wasn’t planning another update on the Star Anise Blanket so soon, as I’ve run out of a two colours of yarn and have yet to buy more. It also hasn’t progressed a huge deal from my last update, but in the past week or so the Blanket has gained Important Recognition in our family.

Felix has Accepted the Star Anise Blanket.

Before this week, Felix hasn’t thought much of the ‘Blanket’. Rather, he avoided it like the plague and always walked around it if it were laid out on the floor (which it often was.). But this week, Sweetheart called me away from my sewing specifically to show me Felix’s new spot!

It’s as if it were made just for him. But then again, don’t we exist and the house was built just for him? Certainly seems so!



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