Sew 2012 #003: Stash-busting Gentle Mini Skirt

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I am busting through my stash in the start of 2012. It’s great! Clearing room for more awesome fabrics πŸ˜€

Here’s another skirt from my trusty Simplicity 5259 pattern. I’m cutting through my fabric stash to clear out the ones reserved for this pattern, which also helps the sorry state of my office wardrobe. However I don’t think you’ll see me at this office in this one!

This fabric is from anΒ op shop for $2, so I’m not sure what is is. It’s quite thick, but looks and feels like satin. It was a bit slippery to sew so lots of pins and patience came in handy! There wasn’t quite enough to make a nice long one like The Articulate SkirtΒ so I had to go for a mini skirt. But the length is still quite comfortable, plus I now have an awesome little skirt to wear with my AWESOME boots!

Stay creative


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