French Knicker Rescue

Sounds gross doesn’t it. Why would one need to rescue knickers? If you remember that this is a blog about sewing, we then may remember these.

Beverly from redbamsews made the marvellous suggestion to remove the side seams and add some more fabric to the sides. So I did! After that went extremely well, this happened:

Genius I am. Luckily the iron-burn happened at the top end, so these promptly became Hipster French Knickers. But the fun didn’t stop there. Other disasters for this rescue include:

  • Over-calculating the amount of fabric I’d need.
  • Over-estimating the length the waist elastic needed to be.
  • Over-experimentingย blindly with the amount of flare.
  • Running out of matching bobbin thread.
  • Running out of ribbon trim.

As you can no doubt see, I have learned something from this French Knicker experiment. What I’m not quite sure yet. Lo, here are the knickers!

Hooray! This picture actually makes them look good. What you don’t see is they actually make me look like a potato and Sweetheart starts giggling whenever he sees me in them.

That aside however, I’m getting more impressed with my stitches and patience when sewing satin! Which is great, as satin is one of my favourite fabrics and I hope to sew a lot more with/in it. Just have a look (and also appreciate the awesome moth-lace ribbon I found a few years ago!):

Somehow I don’t think they’ll be worn much, not by me anyway. Unfortunately they’re just to weird a fit on me.

There will be more French Knickers.

Stay determined!


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