Sew 2012 #007: Love Me Not Dress

Well then!

It’s Valentine’s Day today, and I had big plans for a lovely red dress using this glamorous ’50s reproduction pattern from Butterick. I even started the muslin three weeks ago to allow plenty of time to make it, but then LIFE happened of course and all my sewing time got chewed up.

I always figured I’d have to make some adjustments to this pattern, as these types of patterns are usually made for a B-cup which I am not. While it’s true I have to make some adjustments, I’m sorry to say I’ve run out of time to figure out how!

So what you are looking at is the muslin. I had this mint green satin in my stash, I had originally bought it at $2 per metre with intent to make a circle skirt. I now have no need for (never really did actually) a mint green satin circle skirt.

I think this version is salvageable, I will get a wearable dress out of it. But as for changes when making my red version I don’t know yet. I need some nice office wardrobe pieces and this will have to go into the someday pile… Is this my first UFO??

*Sigh* I’ve had a few Ups with sewing projects lately, this must be accepted as a Down. Time to do some crochet methinks.

Stay happy!


What are *you* wearing?

What are *you* wearing?

Jil Sander velvet dress
£316 –

D&G slim fit jeans
$235 –

Alexander McQueen heel boots
£459 –

$30 –

Sew 2012 #005: Bear Stole

Life! At times we get so carried away with other things we do things like post Sew 2012 #006 before Sew 2012 #005. Doh!

Better late than never, though I did post this on time over The Sew Weekly.

This was a spontaneous stole, when I needed something quick for the Down-under theme for The Sew Weekly. Of course being down-under already I actually needed something that was up-over! Further, I had no winter fabrics in my stash, with the possible exception of this Teddy Bear fur!

I love the shape of this stole, I drafted the pattern myself. The only thing I’m not happy with is that it’s 4″ too small, on account of not having quite enough bear fabric to warp around me! Nonetheless, if I wear it a certain way and not move much it works just fine.

I should also mention the pink satin lining on the inside… I love this fabric. It has a real silky vintage look to it, and it may well be silky – I bought it from an opshop a few months ago and have no idea what it really is.

Now please excuse me, I must buy tickets to the theatre and make my evening gown.


PS: I fully plan to share my pattern with you! 😀 😀

Stash Doubling Magic

I’ve just had one of the most successful fabric stashing weekends. Even more exciting, most were incredible thrift finds! And, not very much of it was pink. I remember looking in my stash a few weeks ago wondering how so much pink got in there.

Anywho, from the first opshop:

4 skirts!


A knit wrap and a wrap knit dress!


A sensible shirt!


A top!


*6* Dresses!


Then from the remenants table at a designer fabrics store: half a dress, a pencil skirt and something made from this beautiful bouncy knit!


From the craft department store, some things for experiments:


And finally from another opshop, a pencil skirt!


There you have it fabric, consider yourself documented.

Naturally, this has my head in a spin with what to make with all this! I have some great ideas of course, and hope to get these onto paper soon.

Stay inspired!

Sew 2012 #006: Sequin Rough Self-drafted Skirt

Does a fabric scrap begging to be turned into something wearable count as a UFO? In my book it does, because:

1. I have had plans for it to become something for a while, so I can see the ‘object’ in my head
2. I haven’t been sewing long enough to have accumulated a pile of UFOs
3. I like finishing things.

Anyway, I had a bit of this sequin-y stuff from my Nana’s lying about, just enough for a skirt. Really so very easy, all I did was taper the waist and sew a casing for the elastic, stitch up side seams then hem. However the see-through nature of this fabric means you just don’t wear it with out a slip (unless you’re trying to make a statement!).

It’s rough. It’s scratchy around the waist and knees. But wonderful for glamming up a CBF day when you’ve run out of milk.