Sew 2012 #006: Sequin Rough Self-drafted Skirt

Does a fabric scrap begging to be turned into something wearable count as a UFO? In my book it does, because:

1. I have had plans for it to become something for a while, so I can see the ‘object’ in my head
2. I haven’t been sewing long enough to have accumulated a pile of UFOs
3. I like finishing things.

Anyway, I had a bit of this sequin-y stuff from my Nana’s lying about, just enough for a skirt. Really so very easy, all I did was taper the waist and sew a casing for the elastic, stitch up side seams then hem. However the see-through nature of this fabric means you just don’t wear it with out a slip (unless you’re trying to make a statement!).

It’s rough. It’s scratchy around the waist and knees. But wonderful for glamming up a CBF day when you’ve run out of milk.



2 thoughts on “Sew 2012 #006: Sequin Rough Self-drafted Skirt

  1. Thanks! Not sure if I would bother lining it, it would be difficult at my current level anyway as this fabric is quite stretchy. But I do have several half slips, so its not a hassle to ‘slip’ one on underneath 🙂

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