Stash Doubling Magic

I’ve just had one of the most successful fabric stashing weekends. Even more exciting, most were incredible thrift finds! And, not very much of it was pink. I remember looking in my stash a few weeks ago wondering how so much pink got in there.

Anywho, from the first opshop:

4 skirts!


A knit wrap and a wrap knit dress!


A sensible shirt!


A top!


*6* Dresses!


Then from the remenants table at a designer fabrics store: half a dress, a pencil skirt and something made from this beautiful bouncy knit!


From the craft department store, some things for experiments:


And finally from another opshop, a pencil skirt!


There you have it fabric, consider yourself documented.

Naturally, this has my head in a spin with what to make with all this! I have some great ideas of course, and hope to get these onto paper soon.

Stay inspired!


4 thoughts on “Stash Doubling Magic

  1. Thanks 🙂 the shirt one is a little sheer and very light, it will be a new sewing experience for me. I hear using a thinner needle solves a lot of problems so look forward to trying it.

    Fairy bread should be a diet staple 😀

  2. Hi Morgan,

    I love it! Your post on your new acquisitions is helpling me to get re-energized. I’m in a sewing slump right now. But every one who shares their enthusiasm is helping to erode my sluggishness. Happy Sewing! Can’t wait to see your future posts (pics).

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