Sew 2012 #007: Love Me Not Dress

Well then!

It’s Valentine’s Day today, and I had big plans for a lovely red dress using this glamorous ’50s reproduction pattern from Butterick. I even started the muslin three weeks ago to allow plenty of time to make it, but then LIFE happened of course and all my sewing time got chewed up.

I always figured I’d have to make some adjustments to this pattern, as these types of patterns are usually made for a B-cup which I am not. While it’s true I have to make some adjustments, I’m sorry to say I’ve run out of time to figure out how!

So what you are looking at is the muslin. I had this mint green satin in my stash, I had originally bought it at $2 per metre with intent to make a circle skirt. I now have no need for (never really did actually) a mint green satin circle skirt.

I think this version is salvageable, I will get a wearable dress out of it. But as for changes when making my red version I don’t know yet. I need some nice office wardrobe pieces and this will have to go into the someday pile… Is this my first UFO??

*Sigh* I’ve had a few Ups with sewing projects lately, this must be accepted as a Down. Time to do some crochet methinks.

Stay happy!


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