Long time, no post – Now for an update and prettiness!

It’s been said that life is what happens while you’re making other plans, but in February it looks like life had other plans for me!

It’s been an odd few weeks. Sweetheart and I have been driving around the Eastern states catching up with friends and taking photos. That was fun. My dogs from my childhood years passed away recently, good old dogs they were. That was sad. And my career has taken an upswing that means I have some new skills to learn. That’s exciting!

All this means I haven’t had much time for making stuff. I’ve managed some drawings here and there and got some new yarn for the Star Anise Blanket, but have yet to catch the time to cut any new garments from the awesome fabric haul I had a few weeks ago. So for a little mid-week update, I’ll share a few drawings for the ideas I *would* have made for the Sew Weekly challenges these last few weeks:

First up, Red for Valentines. I already posted about my aborted plan for that, but this was the original idea: A sweetheart red velvet dress for dinner. There’s always next year!

Next up was the Oscars: Now a formal dress I don’t need at this point right now. What I do need is office wear. So what I thought was how about making the smart office dress the celebrity’s personal assistant would wear while hunting for the perfect celebrity dress? Yeah!

The next Sew Weekly theme was Refashion. Well, I’m working on a Refashion: Me. So most of my old clothes have been donated, and I need sharp stuff for the office. I’m sure I’ll get back to this one, but there are no sketches for it now.

This week is Art. I have been dreaming of a Mondrian inspired Composition dress for some time. I’m still working on the perfect sheath dress pattern to build it… this one is still going to take time…

Finally, next week is Green for St Patrick’s Day. I’ve got plans for a green dress for May, but since I’m sure this won’t be made next week I’ll share the sketch. As far as the explanation… well I’ll make you wait for that πŸ˜‰

As always, I’m excited to get back I to it. Rest and relaxation is on the menu this weekend, and may be an update on my blankets!

Stay happy!


2 thoughts on “Long time, no post – Now for an update and prettiness!

  1. Hey Chickie,

    Love the green dress for Saint Patricks Day.
    Would really like to see how that turns out when it’s finished. Love the drawings too. Hope to catch up sometime soon.

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