Sew 2012 #008: Morgan’s Sexy & Royal Moo-moo Dress

Canberra is enjoying a long weekend this weekend! I’m enjoying it too, albeit a little lonely! Not for long though, and I thought to pass the time it would be nice to relax at home and go back to work with not one but two new dresses for my wardrobe!

Here is the first! Morgan’s Sexy & Royal Moo-moo Dress!

Since I decided to make two dresses this weekend, I decided to make one of them really simple so I hunted online for simple and free dress patterns. I found one – the 1-Hour Dress from CraftStylish looked like the ticket! So I grabbed some cheap stretch velvet from my stash and got to work.

Now this is where reading the instructions properly would have saved me some cheap fabric and about 2.5 hours – but that was not to be. So the stretch velvet unwearables go into my scrap bucket – but I’ve gained experience and a great idea to make this simple dress look heaps better on me!

Out comes the lovely blue jersey I found in an op-shop a few weeks ago. As I marvel at its lovely colour in the mid-day light, I hope I don’t screw this up. One of the things I’ve learned about dressing myself is that my shape seems to prefer symmetrical styles. With this in mind, I modified CraftStylish’s pattern to have the pleated shoulders on both sides and got cutting!

This dress was so quick to sew!! I can’t wait to make another, as I’m sure there’ll be much less fussing next time.

Next up was dress-ups – I tried every belt I owned around the middle of this dress and loved all of them. There was even enough blue jersey left to create a nice long sash I could also use, and enough for a handmade belt using some belting I had in my stash.

The belt took a long time as I hand-stitched it all, but it was quite relaxing sitting listening to the birds with Felix using me as a pillow. My only concern was if I ever have to set the dinner table for 12, someone will be missing their napkin ring because I don’t think I’ll be cutting this belt up.



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