My Handmade Scarf #1: Manly Alpaca Crochet

As I mentioned earlier this week, I’m going to whip up some new scarves for myself this year. And as I do, every week until winter I’ll share with you the ones I’ve made before – After all this site is all about cataloguing the stuff I make and (I hope!) inspires your to create your own!

First up is the Official Posting of the Manly Alpaca Crochet Scarf. I’ve mentioned this one before, shared an action shot of me wearing it and attempted and arty product photograph fail:

Why is this naturally lacy scarf manly? Because Sweetheart picked the colour for me. Har har!

This pattern was lovely and easy to create, I found it in a learn-to-crochet book I had bought. I’d love to give this pattern another go at some point and try it in a more feminine yarn.



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